How A Fitness Buddy Can Help You Stay Motivated

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Struggling to find the motivation to stick with your exercise plan? Feel lonely during your workouts? If so, it might be time to find yourself a fitness buddy—someone you can count on for encouragement, accountability, and most of all, to make fitness more fun!

The ideal fitness buddy is someone who is reliable, positive, and shares similar workout goals to you—that way, you’ll both be able to enjoy similar activities and exercises.

Resist the temptation to pair up with someone likely to skip your exercise sessions for a trip to the local cafe or a restaurant. Those folks might be fun to spend time with socially, but they won’t help you stick with your workout plan!

It’s also important to find a fitness buddy who’s schedule matches yours, lives nearby, and can match your exercise commitment, especially if you’re working on your fitness after bariatric surgery.


How to Find Your Fitness Buddy

It’s not always easy to find this perfect person who you can exercise with and who will motivate you to stay on track with your fitness journey. Here are some tips on finding the right fitness buddy.


1. Create A Social Media Post

If you’re active on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, you could create a ‘fitness buddy wanted’ post. Briefly outline your fitness goals, your general location, and the types of activities you’d like to do with a workout partner.

In addition to connecting with a potential fitness buddy, social media can accelerate your weight loss journey by holding you accountable and attracting positive encouragement from friends and family. 


2. Use An App

A number of apps are available that are similar to dating sites, except the focus is on finding a fitness buddy, not a romantic relationship. Simply search ‘fitness buddy apps’ to see what’s available in your area.

Many free fitness apps also include a community feature that can allow you to connect with others that are doing similar workouts. 


3. Check With Your Gym

If you’re currently a member of a gym or fitness center, ask one of the staff members if they offer any sort of service to help people find workout partners. Chances are good that the facility trainers can connect you with another member who’s looking to exercise with a friend.


4. Join A Group

If you have access to group fitness classes designed for people who are overweight or obese, you might be able to find a like-minded fitness buddy in one of these classes.

Finding the right support can make all the difference when pursuing a weight loss journey. 


Olde Del Mar Surgical Wants to Support You

Remember, a fitness buddy can keep you accountable, make your workouts more fun, and help keep you motivated! To learn more about how Olde Del Mar Surgical can help you achieve your weight loss goals, contact us for more information. We would love to hear from you!

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