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Thank you for your interest in a San Diego gastric balloon procedure at Olde Del Mar Surgical.

The gastric balloon procedure is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. We’ve found it to be one of the most common and effective methods of bariatric procedures available today.

Our San Diego bariatric surgery and general surgery team has conducted gastric balloon procedures for many years. We are proud and honored to be consistently regarded as one of the most trusted clinics nationwide for this and other weight-loss procedures.

San Diego Gastric Balloon

The gastric balloon is a nonsurgical and noninvasive method that works especially well for people who either do not qualify for surgery or are in no need of surgery.

Many professionals view gastric ballooning as a tool to help patients stick to their diets more effectively. In some cases, patients who undergo gastric ballooning lose up to three times the amount of weight than they ever could with diet and exercise alone.

The balloon itself is designed to be convenient and comfortable for the patient. One of the many pros of this procedure is that for many patients, it ensures that there are no dramatic changes to their lifestyles or schedules.

At Olde Del Mar Surgical, we understand how difficult today’s busy lifestyles can be for the average family. Finding time to do the right thing for one’s health can be a challenge. How many hours in the day are already devoted to other things? And then we are encouraged to find additional time to exercise and practice healthy eating habits!

Certainly, these changes are achievable, but they do require a substantial adjustment to one’s schedule and a substantial commitment to the project of self.

Bariatric surgery is no shortcut, however. As Chief of Surgery Dr. Sunil Bhoyrul reminds us, a weight-loss procedure is only an early step on the road to health and wellness. It requires follow-up care on our part — and follow-through on the part of the patient.

But when those steps are taken, the results can be tremendous, as our patients who have achieved significant weight loss can attest.

At Olde Del Mar Surgical, we help our patients lose weight and achieve post-procedure results that they can count on for the long term. We’re committed to helping our patients make the most of their San Diego gastric balloon procedure. We will provide them with all the knowledge, expertise, and friendly advice that they’ll need as they and our staff work through the process together.

Image of a gastric ballon inside of a stomach

Benefits of — and Questions About — Gastric Ballooning

There are many benefits to gastric ballooning compared to other bariatric surgery methods.

For starters, as we mentioned above, balloons are nonsurgical and noninvasive. They’re also temporary, remaining in the patient’s stomach for just six months.

How does gastric ballooning work?

It’s quite simple, really; an ingenious solution to the problem of obesity and obesity-related health concerns.

The procedure involves endoscopically placing the balloon into the patient’s stomach to encourage portion control. The balloon is roughly the size of an orange — or about one-third of the total volume of the patient’s stomach.

The balloon fills a portion of the stomach so the patient will feel full sooner, eat less, and consume fewer calories.

Is the procedure comfortable?

The procedure is performed with the patient mildly sedated and takes only about 30 minutes. It’s an outpatient procedure, too; the majority of patients can go home the same day.

Rest assured that our patients are usually very happy with the effortless and painless nature of this procedure.

How is the gastric balloon removed?

After six months, the gastric balloon is deflated and removed — again via an endoscopic procedure. Specifically, doctors will puncture the balloon during the endoscopic procedure and remove it via the mouth.

This removal process, like the initial procedure, only takes about 30 minutes. Most patients can go home the same day.

In the interim — in other words, during the six months that the balloon is in place, surgeons can inflate or deflate the balloon as needed based on office visits and medical tests.

Can weight loss results be maintained?

Multiple studies over many years have shown that patients achieve highly successful weight-loss maintenance for a considerable amount of time. This is in no small part due to the altered nature of their portion-sizing and eating habits as a whole.

Additionally, the Olde Del Mar bariatric surgical team in San Diego conducts important counseling and education with their patients to assist them in sustaining these healthy habits.

Gastric Balloon San Diego: Is It Right For Me?

The gastric balloon procedure is recommended for patients who have a body mass index (BMI) of 30 and 40 or higher, regardless of any obesity-related diseases.

Side effects, while rare, can include stomach discomfort, nausea and vomiting, belly and/or back pain, acid reflux, and infection.

Furthermore, it is important that the patient is motivated and ready to make changes to their lifestyle. Without this motivation and desire for change, a person can easily fall back into old habits and begin to put weight back on — especially after the weight-loss balloon has been removed.

Losing weight and keeping it off with the assistance and advice of our staff can help ensure no recurrence of obesity-related issues. Results will vary, but these can include:

  • High Blood Pressure
  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Heart Disease
  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • Stroke
  • High Cholesterol
  • Infertility

If a diet and exercise program has not helped you and you find that you are unable to lose weight, get in touch with our friendly, expert, and helpful staff today. Let’s begin a discussion about your weight-loss surgery options in San Diego.

We can also inform you of other potential side effects besides those mentioned above and answer any questions you may have.


Body Mass Index (BMI) Weight Loss Calculator

In order to be considered a suitable candidate for weight loss surgery, you must have either morbid obesity or obesity with co-morbid health problems such as diabetes. We use the body mass index (BMI) system to calculate your body weight:

  • BMI of 30 to 40 indicates obesity
  • BMI of higher than 40 is commonly referred to as morbid obesity.

Insurance typically covers surgery if your BMI is greater than 40, or in some instances between 35 and 40, if you have ongoing illnesses that are related to obesity. The FDA has approved weight loss surgery for people with a BMI of greater that 30, but these lower BMI categories are not typically covered by insurance.

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At Olde Del Mar Surgical, we believe in customizing the type of surgery to the patients’ needs, expectations, and unique medical conditions. We value the input of our registered dietitian, clinical psychologist, and referring physicians when we recommend the choice of surgery for an individual patient.

Our bariatric team has performed hundreds of gastric balloon procedures within San Diego county and constantly produces some of the best outcomes and lowest complication rates in the field.

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