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A Leading San Diego Bariatric Surgeon

Meet Dr. Sunil Bhoyrul

Dr. Sunil Bhoyrul is an award-winning surgeon and the president of Olde Del Mar Surgical, a leading bariatric surgery and general surgery center in La Jolla, San Diego.


His experience and professionalism make him a leader in the bariatric branch of medicine, earning him national recognition. He has performed thousands of surgeries and transformed the lives of many patients with his surgical excellence.


In addition to bariatric surgery, Dr. Bhoyrul also specializes in general surgery, including cancer surgery, endocrine surgery, gallbladder surgery, hiatal hernia surgery, laparoscopic surgery for diverticulitis, and acid reflux surgery. All of these surgeries are extremely important for our patients and can change their lives in many ways. 


Together with his team, Dr. Sunil Bhoyrul strives to provide you with the individual, personalized, comprehensive care you deserve. Whether you are looking into weight loss surgery or general surgery such as cancer, endocrine, or gallbladder surgery, our team will guide you through every step.

Sunil Bhoyrul

Our Bariatric Surgery Solutions

We offer a range of life-changing weight loss solutions from our San Diego location:

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weight loss surgery san diego patient


Weight Lost: 400 pounds*

There I was, 23, and an impressive 630 lbs. My relationship with food was a complex one. For as far back as my memory goes, it was a companion and I learned quickly to seek it out not for nourishment, but for numbness.

Dr. Bhoyrul was the lifeline I never saw coming. I’ll probably never know why he cared so much or what it was he saw in me but when I met with him, he looked me in my eye with the most reassuring tone accompanied by a solid handshake said, “We’re gonna fix this.” It was as if in his mind, the problem was already solved.

Two years and 400 pounds & and counting later, I am a whole new me. Dr. Bhoyrul and the team at Del Mar Surgical rescued me and restored my belief in possibility. I don’t think there is an expression of gratitude grand enough for the life that was saved and the chance that was given to me.

weight loss surgery san diego patient


Weight Lost: 180 pounds*
Surgery Type: Gastric Bypass Surgery

“I’m so grateful to Dr. Bhoyrul and all his staff for saving my life. Because of him, I am able to enjoy my children and grandchildren for much often than I had anticipated. Death had placed a time stamp on me that Dr. Bhoyrul easily removed.

Dr. Bhoyrul gave me the tools for success. I apply these tools every single day of my life, never looking back and always looking forward.

Today, I am 220 pounds. My BPS is 117 over 65, everything is normal and I am going strong. I love running, boxing and doing things that I used to do in my youth – I’m 50 years old but, I feel so young.

I’d do this procedure 1000 time over. If you’re reading this right now there is hope and his name is Dr. Bhoyrul. Don’t hesitate, even for a second, to undergo the gastric bypass surgery. Start enjoying life, you deserve it.”

weight loss surgery san diego patient


Weight Lost: 94 pounds*
Surgery Type: Lap Band

I cannot begin to express how grateful I am to Dr. Bhoyrul and his staff, their support, and encouragement are beyond words. The past two years of my life have been amazing and I have totally transformed into the women I have dreamed of being.

Years of being overweight was such heartache for me I wasted a lot precious time with my kids and family not wanting to participate in events or activities because of the unhealthiness and embarrassment of my weight. This is time that I will never get back!! It was time for me to make a change.

After getting the Lap Band, I have to date lost 94 lbs!! Not only did I reach my goal weight but I have surpassed it. Today I am active, I am happy and I am proud of myself. I love hanging out with my kids and playing with my granddaughters. Life is good. Thank you.

bariatric surgery san diego patient


Weight Lost: 100 pounds*
Surgery Type: Lap Band

I went to a seminar that Dr. Bhoyrul was putting on. I immediately felt at ease with this man, and listened to the presentation, and was impressed by the Lap Band, I liked the accountability of having to visit your Doctor for fills and maintenance, and the fact that the surgery was less invasive than the gastric bypass.

The surgery was very quick and any pain I felt was gone within 3 weeks time. I started losing weight immediately and within one year I had lost over 90 lbs.! Yes, I do eat differently, and a lot less. But as I happily told a woman who was helping me with my size medium dress, when she said “I heard you have to give up a lot!,” I said “yep, I gave up close to 100lbs!”

I exercise daily now, lift weights, take water aerobics and have done things I would have never done overweight. I even swam with Dolphins in public, in a wetsuit!

bariatric surgery san diego patient


Surgery Type: Lap Band

Thank you for the make over…God Bless you all for the gift of life you have given to me with the tool of the lap band. I have quality of life back and every day the quality gets better with every pound that I lose.*

bariatric surgery san diego patient

Lorri and Al

One must stop the madness of being overweight due to overeating or a medical condition that makes one heavy. It starts out by seeking a bariatric doctor of your choice and talking with him/ her about your problem of being overweight.

We both feel we made the right decision and we thank not only Dr. Bhoyrul, our dietician, Mary Wight, and the wonderful staff at Olde Del Mar Surgical for giving us a new outlook on life.

However, weight loss surgery is not the easy way out. It is only a tool and it is up the individual to make it a success. I would like to add my husband and I had hypertension and he had diabetes and we were on numerous medications. I can happily report we no longer take any medications and my husband’s diabetes is gone and hypertension is no longer a problem.*

bariatric surgery san diego patient


Weight Lost: 120 pounds*
Surgery Type: Gastric Sleeve Surgery

I was skinny all throughout high school and college, but once I graduated from college I got my first desk job and the pounds began to pack on. Stress, unhealthy eating, and a sedentary lifestyle caused my weight to climb steadily until at age 29, I was 262 pounds, on blood pressure medicine, and felt exhausted all the time. I knew I needed to make a permanent change and set a goal to get healthy by my 30th birthday.

I knew I needed help and that’s when a friend of mine recommended Dr. Bhoyrul. Dr. Bhoyrul is my biggest supporter and cheerleader. I have never met a medical professional with such a kind and genuine bedside manner.

If you had told me a year ago that I would be where I am today, I would never have believed it. Have faith in yourself and know that with hard work, determination, and A LOT of sweat, dreams do come true.

bariatric surgery patients in san diego


Weight Lost: 120 pounds*
Surgery Type: Gastric Bypass Surgery

Since my mid teens, I have made almost every attempt known to man to control my relationship with food. My life was a constant struggle of ups and downs in my weight...until that most important day two years ago when I made the decision to have Dr. Bhoyrul perform my gastric bypass.

I have lost nearly 120 pounds and I know in my heart that this change is permanent..this is it. No more intense struggles with food, weight, and health issues. My metabolism is flying high and my heart rate has decreased considerably. Sometimes I look down at my muscles and I'm awestruck that the body I see is actually mine.

What I would like to say to those considering embarking on this type of journey, you can do it. Even if you've made numerous attempts in the past, you can do it now. Be willing to receive the support and be ready to work hard towards a change that can have an amazingly positive effect on the rest of your life.

bariatric surgery patient in san diego


Surgery Type: Gastric Bypass Surgery

I remember when I finally decided to talk to Dr. Bhoyrul because other things have not been working. I had a visit with him, we were sitting in the exam room and I asked him if I would be a candidate for gastric bypass, he got up and hugged me and Dr. Bhoyrul said, “I’ve been waiting for you to come talk to me”.

Dr. Bhoyrul is a compassionate guy. It’s easy to focus on Dr. Bhoyrul because he’s the face we put on the practice. It’s also everybody in the office, I can’t say enough about them and how they made my experience a positive one.

Since I work with people in my occupation, being confident about my presentation is really important. I’m aware of the change. Something that I really enjoy about it, is that I feel better about me.

*Disclaimer - Result vary person to person and individual's overall health condition.

The Life Changing Benefits of Bariatric Surgery

Watch Dr. Sunil Bhoyrul explain the profound benefits of bariatric surgery. He has watched countless patients transform their lives after undergoing weight loss surgery.  

Bariatric surgery is the most effective cure to the illness of obesity. It does more than restrict calories. It alters the way your body manages its weight set point.

However, Dr. Sunil knows better than anyone that the impact of these procedures go far beyond weight loss. Olde Del Mar Surgical patients consistently come back with stories of how their quality of life has skyrocketed, allowing their relationships, self esteem, and goals to thrive.

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