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Gastric Sleeve Hospital Stay

A woman in a hospital gown in a hospital bed to illustrate gastric sleeve hospital stay

Weight loss surgery is the beginning of a new life. You will be changing your diet, your exercise routine, and your mindset when it comes to food. With less weight and more energy, you will be learning what your new and improved body can do. But, before your gastric sleeve surgery, you likely have a…

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Pre-Gastric Bypass Diet

Healthy foods in the shape of a smiling face to illustrate pre-gastric bypass diet

Gastric bypass surgery is a major operation and requires a lot of preparation. One of the most important steps in preparing for the procedure is following your pre-gastric bypass diet. This diet helps reduce the risk of postoperative complications after your surgery, as well as aiding in faster healing. But the most beneficial aspect of…

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Lap Band vs Gastric Sleeve

Doctor looking at a monitor to illustrate lap band vs gastric sleeve surgery

If you struggle with obesity, there are numerous options to lose weight for you to consider. Two of the most popular–sleeve gastrectomy (gastric sleeve) surgery and adjustable gastric band (lap band) surgery–are highly effective at helping patients lose significant weight. Understanding the difference between lap band vs gastric sleeve surgeries will help you to decide…

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Who Qualifies For Gastric Bypass?

Who qualifies for bariatric surgery?

Who qualifies for bariatric surgery? This is an important question, one which is usually foremost on the minds of potential patients. If you are frustrated with the extra pounds that you simply can’t get rid of, no matter how hard you try, weight loss surgery might be the answer for you. It can be disheartening…

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How to Get Around Bariatric Exclusion

Image of a magnifying glass laying on top of money

(Updated Sept. 13, 2022)   Obesity is easily one of the greatest threats to the health of America. Costs associated with obesity in this country are nearing an estimated $200 billion every year, including direct costs such as surgeries and medications, and treatments of certain diseases. Indirect costs (including loss of work from short-term absences…

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Weight-Loss Programs Covered By Medical

Image of glasses setting on medical insurance paperwork

If losing weight is on your list of goals for this year, we have good news: Weight-loss surgery and the weight-loss programs associated with them are an effective way to shed pounds and get yourself on track toward a healthier, longer life. However, you may be asking if weight-loss programs are covered by medical insurance….

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Gastric Bypass Surgery: Is it as good as they say? What to expect one year out.

Diagram of before and after gastric bypass surgery

Gastric Bypass Surgery: Obesity is a medical condition that occurs as a result of excessive body fat. About 36% of adults in the USA are obese. In addition, about 18.5% of children in the USA are considered obese. By 2030 an estimated 20% of the entire world population will be obese. This is important because…

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What General Surgeries Does Olde Del Mar Offer?

At Olde Del Mar Surgical, we’re best known for our expertise in bariatric surgery. We’re led by Dr. Sunil Bhoyrul, an award-winning surgeon who has gained national recognition for his experience and dedication to the bariatric branch of medicine.    While bariatric surgery is a large part of what makes us stand out, we also…

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