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The Importance of Choosing the Right Bariatric Doctor

For many people, bariatric surgery is a highly effective way to lose weight and live a healthier life. Deciding to undergo weight loss surgery is a monumental step forward toward that goal.  However, the road to bariatric surgery can be a challenge and requires the right support system to navigate the process from start to…

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The Importance of the Doctor-Patient Relationship for Bariatric Surgery

Importance of doctor patient relationship

Dr.Sunil Bhoyrul, Olde Del Mar Surgical’s leading surgeon, spoke at a Ted Talks event to focus on the inflection point, or turning point, in a doctor-patient relationship. Primarily, he noted the shift in healthcare in recent years with the stress on a patient’s electronic health record.   In this age of technology, healthcare professionals rely…

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What To Ask Your Bariatric Doctor About Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

Questions about cosmetic surgery procedures

Shortly after your bariatric surgery, you might start considering cosmetic surgery to address the impacts of significant weight loss. With our vast experience helping patients through their weight loss journey, we have compiled a list the top cosmetic surgery questions you should be asking your doctor before choosing a cosmetic surgery practice or procedure. The Top Cosmetic Surgery…

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