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what to bring to the hospital for bariatric surgery

What to Pack In Your Bariatric Surgery Hospital Bag

If you’re preparing to have gastric bypass, gastric sleeve, LAP-BAND, or a revisional surgery, you might be wondering what to take to the hospital on the day of your procedure.


Here’s a quick list of hospital stay essentials that you’ll thank yourself for packing:


1. Lip Balm


You may not be able to eat or drink anything for awhile after your weight loss surgery. That can leave your lips feeling dry and chapped. Lip balm is a small item and easy to forget, but it can make you a lot more comfortable. 


2. Comfortable, Loose Clothing


If you don’t want to be stuck wearing hospital gowns during your stay, consider packing your own comfy, loose-fitting PJ’s. You’ll also want to pack loose-fitting clothes like sweatpants to wear for your trip home, since you may be a little sore or swollen for a few days.


Don’t forget to pack clean underwear for the ride home, and a front-closure bra can be a good idea too – it’s easier to put on after you’ve had surgery than one with clips in the back.


3. Slippers or House Socks


Your surgeon will want you to walk as soon as possible after your operation, so be sure to take to the hospital  a pair of sturdy slippers or thick house socks with built-in grippers to keep you from slipping on the hospital floors.


4. Mouthwash


The anesthetic used during your operation can make your mouth feel dry and give you bad breath – a quick rinse with some minty mouthwash will take care of that! 


5. Earplugs


Hospitals are busy, loud places. As you’re deciding what to take to the hospital, don’t forget a pair of earplugs to help block the noise so you can get some much-needed rest during your recovery.


6. Medications


If you are currently taking any prescription medications, be sure to take these to the hospital in the containers provided by your pharmacy. Give your medications to your pre-op nurse when you check-in so they can make sure you get your meds on time.


7. CPAP Machine & Other Medical Devices


Take to the hospital  any essential medical devices like your CPAP machine, hearing aids, or braces.


What To Leave At Home


You should leave all of your jewelry, electronic devices, and other valuables at home for safekeeping. Because many people are sensitive to scents like cologne and perfume, be sure to bring only unscented deodorant and lotions to the hospital.


Olde Del Mar Surgical Can Answer Any Questions About Your Stay

Patients who have laparoscopic weight loss surgeries can usually go home the next day. However, when you’re deciding what to take to the hospital, it’s always a good idea to plan on staying there for a second night.


Your care team will be able to tell you how long your hospital stay should be based on the procedure you are having and your unique medical needs. If you have any additional questions about what to take to the hospital, be sure to contact us here at Olde Del Mar Surgical.