How Social Media Can Accelerate Your Weight Loss

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Social media sites — like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram — have revolutionized the way we stay in touch with family and friends. With social media, we can find the motivation to improve our health and wellness. That’s right – you can actually use social media for weight loss!

Weight loss experts believe that support through social media networks is quickly becoming the digital version of traditional weekly diet groups, exercise clubs, and meetings. With the right online connections, social media users can have accountability, inspiration, and a sense of community that many overweight and obese people need for achieving weight loss goals.

Researchers at the Arnold School of Public Health at the University of South Carolina conducted a study on social media for weight loss. The study involved 96 participants who were obese.

Over the course of six months, participants who connected with each other through Twitter lost more weight than participants who were not part of an online weight loss community. In fact, for every “Tweet” users posted about their weight loss journey, they lost about a half-pound of unwanted fat!

Here are some tips on finding support and motivation for weight loss through social media

1. State Your Goals

Use social media to make your weight loss and fitness goals known. By sharing them, your goals will become more concrete and you’ll be more likely to stick to them. You will benefit from the accountability you’ll feel to your friends and followers. You may even receive some encouragement along the way, which will keep your motivation up! 


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2. Search For Weight Loss Groups

If you’re interested in a specific diet, bariatric surgery, or workout program, use the search function on your social media site to find users and groups to connect with. You’ll be surprised how many thriving communities are out there for people with the same interests and goals as you. Together, you can swap information and give support along your weight loss journey. 


3. Post Regular Status Updates

Update your status regularly (at least once a week) for accountability and to contribute to your online community. Just be sure you don’t “burn out” your followers by posting multiple times every day. Knowing you have to update your accomplishments will remind you to stick with your healthy habits. 


4. Be Wary Of Trolls

Most social media sites for weight loss are positive and encouraging. However, online bullying is a real problem. If you find yourself targeted by negative and hurtful comments, be sure and report the offender to site administrators. Most social platforms take these issues seriously.

To learn more about how you can use social media for weight loss, connect with Olde Del Mar Surgical on our Facebook! For more information about our surgical and non-surgical weight loss programs, reach out to us. We’d love to hear from you and see how we can support your journey. 

Final Thoughts

Social media can be very helpful for weight loss if used in the right way. It can help you connect with other people who are on the same journey, keep you accountable for your goals and actions, and keep you motivated when you aren’t feeling your best. If you have any questions about weight loss or using social media along your journey, please feel free to reach out to us at Olde Del Mar Surgical

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