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Olde Del Mar Surgical Affiliates

Olde Del Mar Surgical has a growing number of affiliates that we refer our patients to for other medical services. For example, if you are seeking plastic surgery after bariatric surgery, we have a plastic surgeon we recommend. For referrals not yet listed, please call our office and we can help you choose an excellent doctor for your individual needs.

Plastic Surgery Affiliate

Dr. Munish Barta

Our Plastic Surgery Affiliate

Dr. Munish Barta is a cosmetic surgeon at Coastal Plastic Surgeons . Voted San Diego County Medical Society’s top plastic surgeon, we know our patients are in good hands with Dr. Munish Barta. He is known for his 20+ years of surgical experience, technical excellence, and his world renowned plastic surgery practice.

Dr. Munish Barta developed a procedure specifically for reconstructive surgery after gastric bypass surgery . This trademarked procedure is called GBRX . He has extensive experience with post-bariatric surgery patients, which is why he is Olde Del Mar’s chosen plastic surgery affiliate.

Cardiology Affiliate

Dr. Robert Russo

Cardiology Affiliate

Dr. Kevin Rapeport

Heart Failure Affiliate

Dr. James Heywood

Heart Failure Affiliate

Dr. Thomas Ahern

Cardiology Affiliate

Dr. Astar Ansari

Cardiology Affiliate

Dr. Sohab Tariq

Cardiology Affiliate

Dr. Vachaspathi Palakodeti

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