Top 5 Free Fitness Apps

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Looking for some extra motivation to exercise? Need help tracking the progress of your workouts? There’s a growing selection of free fitness apps available for iOS (Apple) and Android smartphones and tablets.

These high-tech tools can act as your very own personal trainer, providing you with ongoing feedback and encouragement to get active, pursue your fitness goals, and even challenge your family and friends to some healthy competition without the expensive price tag!


Here are 5 free fitness apps you can use right now:


1. MyFitnessPal

This popular food tracking app makes monitoring your food intake and calories burned through exercise easy – users input their basic information, then record their workouts and food with the intuitive drop-down menus in this app.

As a result, users can easily see how many calories they’ve burned in relationship to their caloric intake. MyFitnessPal can also sync with many popular fitness trackers, such as the Jawbone UP2/UP3 and Fitbit, making this free fitness app perfect for anyone serious about tracking their activity levels and food intake.

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2. Instant Heart Rate

Want to monitor your heart rate while working out? Don’t want to wear one of those uncomfortable heart rate monitor chest straps? Thanks to this free fitness app from Azumio, you can now check your heart rate right on your smartphone! 

By monitoring your heart rate while exercising, you’ll be able to track your cardiovascular health and workout in your ideal heart rate zone.

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3. Fitocracy

If you’re looking for a free fitness app that provides personalized workouts, daily reminders, and food coaching, you’ll love Fitocracy. The free version includes level-specific workout routines, fitness level tracking, and motivational tools like points, badges, and interactive charts that make tracking your progress quick and easy.

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This free fitness app provides you with a variety of workout routines designed to strength train, improve your cardiovascular health, and daily yoga stretching. Featuring video demonstrations by certified fitness trainers, you can design up to 3 personalized workouts, and you can sync your stats with other apps like MyFitnessPal, UP, and Google Fit.

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5. Charity Miles

Does the idea of helping other people motivate you to workout? If so, then check out Charity Miles, a unique app that tracks your fitness goals and earns money for a non-profit organization.

Open up the app, choose a charity, and start walking, running, or cycling. You’ll earn between 10-25 cents per mile logged for your chosen charity, and you can challenge others to earn as well, making this a win-win situation!


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Start Your Fitness Journey Today

Free fitness apps are an efficient way to track your fitness progress with no added gym membership fees or trainer expenses. Interested in bariatric surgery? Find out which is best for you and your weight-loss goals. Contact your bariatric care team here at Olde Del Mar Surgical.

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