The Importance of Bariatric Support Resources

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Long-term weight loss success begins with bariatric surgery. Still, physicians and patients agree — it’s the support and resources available afterward that help you adjust to, and thrive in, your healthy new lifestyle.

At Olde Del Mar Surgical, we’re committed to helping you achieve every one of your health goals. That’s why we offer various bariatric support options so you can choose what type of help you need and when.


The Importance of Bariatric Support

Your one-on-one time with Dr. Sunil Bhoyrul doesn’t end when your surgery is over; in fact, we strongly recommend you follow our extensive, 12-month follow-up plan that includes numerous progress checks with your doctor, as well as a detailed diet and exercise plan. We offer the following  post-surgery guidelines for better recovery:


Patient Mentoring

Because weight loss is such a personal struggle, it can seem overwhelming. However, with nearly 200,000 bariatric procedures performed throughout the country each year, you definitely are not alone.

Sharing your experiences and having a confidante for the times when you feel yourself wavering is proven to boost willpower, self-confidence, and acceptance — all of which are crucial to maintaining your weight. With our patient mentoring program, we’ll happily arrange an introduction with a patient volunteer whose weight loss journey is similar to yours.


Doctor offering nutritional support to a bariatric patient.

Nutritional Support

We get it — eating a healthy and balanced diet can be challenging, both nutritionally and creatively. With registered dietitians on staff, you have direct access to the information you need to succeed.

We have resources to guide your vitamin and supplements regimen; continuing education about how your body uses food as fuel and how you can use that knowledge to develop supercharged, nutrient-dense meals; and plenty of good food recipes to bust you out of that culinary rut. At Olde Del Mar Surgical, we believe there’s more to life and health than bland, boiled chicken!


Online Seminars

Whether your weight loss has plateaued, you’re feeling frustrated, or you want to learn more about the hows and whys of long-term success, we offer a recurring series of bariatric support seminars that you can stream from anywhere in the world or watch later at your convenience.

Check the calendar for upcoming event dates, and remember that we’re just one phone call away if you have questions or concerns.



Financing Options

Although it may not impact you immediately, the negative effects of stress on your physical and mental well-being are many. That’s why we offer our patients several payment options — committing to a healthy new lifestyle was the hard part. It would help if you didn’t have to worry about how to pay for it, too.

Besides accepting many health insurance providers, we also provide you with direct access to our premier lending partner, empowering more than 250,000 patients with the financial means to begin their weight loss journey. A customized, comprehensive self-pay option is also available.


Learn More About Post-Surgery Resources

To learn more about the patient resources and bariatric support available at Olde Del Mar Surgical, schedule your consultation online or give us a call.

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