5 Summer Tips for Bariatric Exercise

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When the summer arrives, especially after a long winter and a chilly spring, it’s only natural to want to spend as much time enjoying the great outdoors as possible. Summer is also a great time to take your exercise program outside.


For bariatric surgery patients, exercise is also a requirement for staying healthy and maintaining long term success with losing weight. When you want to make the most of the summer weather, follow tips for exercise after weight loss surgery can keep you happy and healthy all season long.

1. Take Time to Acclimate


When you aren’t used to working out outdoors, the warm weather may come as quite a shock to your system. Heat can be a tough adjustment, leading to higher heart rate, increased perspiration, and rapid exhaustion.


Instead of jumping in with two feet, take time to acclimate. Your body will eventually get used to the heat, but pushing too hard, too fast, too soon can lead to troublesome consequences and may diminish your motivation. Start exercising slowly, seeing where your limits are before beginning to increase your endurance. 


2. Stay Hydrated



Hydration is important both indoors and out, but when the weather is warm, it’s more important than ever to keep your fluid levels high. When planning outdoor exercise after bariatric surgery, be sure to bring plenty of water or no calorie sports drinks, and drink sufficiently before heading outside.


Stay within the recommended fluid intake suggested by your doctor, and don’t be afraid to take water breaks when needed. 


3. Protect Your Skin



If you don’t spend much time outdoors, the sun’s rays may catch you by surprise. If you plan to be out in direct sunlight, sunscreen and full coverage clothing are a must.


Sunburns may turn into flattering tans, but they can be very dangerous, even in limited amounts. As sweat can cause sunscreen to rub off, plan to reapply every 30 to 45 minutes to ensure proper protection from UV rays.


4. Pick a Buddy



When you exercise after bariatric surgery, a fitness buddy can be a great way to stay motivated. Ask a friend who likes the same kinds of exercise you do, and make plans to work out together on a set schedule.


Commit to holding one another accountable to exercise a few days a week. Accountability will increase the likelihood of making your workout a success.


You can also join a support group that encourages your exercise program. The more support you have, the more likely you will stick to your plan!


5. Find Your Favorite Exercise Program


Running. Hiking. Walking. Swimming. Yoga in the Park. With so many outdoor options, it can be a challenge to find the right one for you.


Choose the opportunity that is best for your body and physical conditioning and see what works for you. If you’re not comfortable with your choice or choices, keep trying; with some perseverance, you’ll find the perfect way to stay fit this summer.


By taking advantage of some outdoor exercises, you will build muscle mass, lean muscle, and contribute to your long term success after your bariatric procedure. 


To learn more about developing a healthy weight loss exercise program, with or without the help of bariatric surgeries such as gastric bypass, gastric sleeve, or the lap-band, reach out to our compassionate team at Olde Del Mar Surgical. We would love to help you on your weight loss journey!


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