The Importance of Choosing the Right Bariatric Doctor

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For many people, bariatric surgery is a highly effective way to lose weight and live a healthier life. Deciding to undergo weight loss surgery is a monumental step forward toward that goal. 

However, the road to bariatric surgery can be a challenge and requires the right support system to navigate the process from start to finish. Choosing the right bariatric doctor is extremely important. 

Let’s look at ways to make sure that your bariatric doctor is the right fit for you and what to expect once you’ve found the right bariatric doctor.


How Do You Choose a Bariatric Surgeon?

There are several things to consider when choosing the right bariatric surgeon for you. 

Most importantly, you’ll want to determine whether insurance will cover the procedure and if there are hospitals or networks, you should focus on to ensure coverage. Olde Del Mar can also support you in making your procedure as affordable as possible or offering additional bariatric surgery insurance tips to help you navigate bariatric surgery financing

Once you’ve worked through the insurance process, you’ll want to ask a few important questions to identify your ideal bariatric surgeon. Here are some to get you started:

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Where is the Bariatric Doctor Located?

You will have follow-up appointments following any bariatric procedure. Your bariatric doctor should be accessible to make all of your appointments before and after surgery easy. 

That said, you may need to travel if your insurance plan dictates it, or you live in an area with fewer options for this kind of care. In cases where you’re unable to find a surgeon in your area, make sure that the doctor you do find checks all of the other boxes we describe and is easy to reach before your procedure.


Is the Bariatric Doctor Someone You Trust?

You want to be able to ask your bariatric doctor anything, even questions some may find uncomfortable. In an initial conversation with the doctor, you should feel confident that this is a surgeon you trust and someone who will support you before, during, and after the process. You want a doctor who has conversations with you that are free of judgment and boasts a high level of expertise working with weight loss surgery patients.


What is the Bariatric Doctor’s Experience?

Your doctor’s credentials are important when you’re looking to guarantee a high level of care. Your bariatric doctor should have a proven track record in bariatric surgery and be board certified in surgery. 

There are a wealth of options out there to investigate patient reviews of doctors, as well. You may want a doctor who boasts positive reviews in the office environment, offers extensive postoperative support or has a particular communication style that fits your own. 


What is the Bariatric Doctor’s Communication Style?

In addition to finding a doctor you can trust, you’ll want a doctor with a communication style that leaves you feeling like you had all of your questions answered and are comfortable with the road ahead. 

Your bariatric doctor should inquire about your lifestyle so that the process feels personalized. Any concerns should be addressed before your procedure, and your doctor should be easy to reach with follow-up questions.

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Why Choosing a Good Bariatric Doctor Is So Important

Once you’ve found the right bariatric doctor, there are several areas they will help you navigate through before, during, and after your procedure. 


Exploring Your Options

An experienced bariatric doctor will explore your weight loss surgery options with you, helping you come to a decision that’s right for your body and your lifestyle. This is where strong communication fits in. Your bariatric doctor should understand any personal limitations or goals you’ve set before your procedure.

Your doctor can also help you create a timeline for your procedure, giving you the resources you need to ensure a successful outcome and help you feel confident that you have all of the information you need moving forward.


Support Before Your Procedure

Most weight loss procedures require three to nine months of counseling, weight loss, and physical examinations to determine eligibility before a doctor will move forward with bariatric surgery.

You want a doctor who will do more than complete your surgery but also support you throughout the process. A doctor should provide advice, guidance, and planning to help you embrace a healthy lifestyle at the outset, ensuring that your bariatric surgery is just a stepping stone to lifelong changes. 


Support After Your Procedure

Recovering from surgery can be an extreme challenge. Learning to live with your new body while adjusting to a new diet and way of life isn’t easy, and your bariatric surgery physician should be there to help you through recovery and acclimating to your new life. Your bariatric doctor can also provide diet suggestions before and after your procedure and plan out a schedule for your recovery.

You should feel supported after surgery and comfortable talking to your doctor about concerns that may arise after involving not only your physical well-being but your emotional state, as well. Transitioning to a new healthy lifestyle isn’t easy.


Guidance for a Healthy Lifestyle

Adapting to life after a bariatric procedure isn’t easy, and the recovery process doesn’t stop once you have healed from surgery.

When you are ready to return to normal life, your bariatric doctor should help you with exercise suggestions, diet requirements, and weight loss motivation to help you not only reach your goals but maintain the healthiest lifestyle possible. 


Find a Surgeon at Olde Del Mar Surgical

When you’re considering the process of undergoing surgery, you must take steps to make sure that you’re choosing the right bariatric doctor for you. Your bariatric doctor can greatly influence not only your successful weight loss but also your sense of self and the level of confidence you’ll have in the procedure. 

To learn more about the bariatric surgery process, and to hear from our doctors, contact us at Olde Del Mar Surgical.

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