Overcoming Peer Pressure About Your Bariatric Surgery Diet

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In many cases, weight loss surgery can mean a change to your entire lifestyle, from diet to exercise. You won’t be able to eat the same way you used to, and staying active will take on a whole new importance. However, sticking to a bariatric surgery diet takes a little effort.


At many points throughout life, you will find yourself confronted by well-intentioned friends, family members, and coworkers who don’t understand the realities of bariatric surgery. When you’re facing peer pressure, here are some tips for staying dedicated to your healthy habits.


Stand Your Ground


Peer pressure can be extremely aggressive, especially if you are refusing a food item that other people eat with pleasure. At work gatherings, parties, and even casual dinners, you may hear phrases like “just have one,” or “I made this for you.”


It can be hard to stand up to those who are attempting to force you to eat something you can’t have, but standing your ground is important. “No” is a complete sentence, and it’s okay to say it in response to any pressure. Your health is a top priority, and you need to do what’s best for your body.


Explain Your Circumstances


Many people who want you to have a drink, a bite of lava cake, or a Twinkie aren’t attempting to be malicious. It’s likely that those pressuring you simply don’t understand the process of weight loss surgery.


Instead of just saying no over and over, consider explaining a little more about the surgery you had, the recovery process, and the consequences of eating the wrong thing.


Discuss why your doctor limits your diet, side effects like dumping, and the risk of revision surgery if weight is regained. With a little insight, those around you will be less likely to push back when you turn down a dish.


Fib a Little


In general, lying is discouraged in all aspects of life. However, a white lie in regards to your diet most likely won’t hurt anyone. If possible, it’s best to simply say no or provide background into your surgery, but when little else helps, ignorance may be bliss.


Fibbing about your eating can take many forms, including telling those pressuring you that you’re full or that you already tried a bite of a dish you can’t eat. Eat before you arrive at locations if you’re worried about options available or bring a dish of your own to make sure you can fill up without giving into temptation. If you are at a party, it’s easy to drop a lime in some soda water or carry water in a red Solo cup to avoid detection.


Standing up to those who want you to break your bariatric surgery diet doesn’t have to be hard. With the right weapons in your arsenal, you can stick to your diet without offending the friends, family, and acquaintances in your life.


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