Where To Find Support Before & After Bariatric Surgery

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Bariatric procedures, like LAP-BAND, gastric bypass and gastric sleeve are major, life-changing events. Many people find speaking with patients who have already had bariatric surgery can be helpful, both before and after their own procedures.


Fortunately, there are a number of weight loss support groups and programs designed to encourage connections between weight loss surgery patients.


Here at Olde Del Mar Surgical, we offer a unique weight loss surgery support program known as Patient Mentoring. This program is a voluntary, 1:1 program that pairs men and women who have had bariatric surgery with patients who are either contemplating their own weight loss options, or have also had a bariatric procedure at Olde Del Mar Surgical.


Connecting Patients Together


Most patients find that connecting with others who have “been there” can really help to reduce any pre-surgical anxiety that they might be feeling about having a bariatric procedure.


Experienced patients are in a unique position to provide first-hand accounts of their weight loss journey; they understand the unique concerns and questions that people who are considering their weight loss options face. They can provide valuable advice, encouragement and support.


Even patients who have supportive family members and friends find weight loss support groups and patient mentoring programs to be helpful, especially when it comes to understanding how to manage day-to-day challenges like social eating situations, reactions from coworkers, and developing new, healthy eating patterns and exercise habits.


While weight loss support groups and programs cannot replace professional medical advice and counseling, seeking support and guidance from other patients can help provide a realistic picture of what life looks like after bariatric surgery.


For More Information, Reach Out To Olde Del Mar Surgical


To learn more about the comprehensive support system for bariatric weight loss surgery patients offered at Old Del Mar Surgical, including our weight loss support groups through our Patient Mentoring program, contact us. 



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