Try These End-Of-Summer Outdoor Fitness Ideas

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With Labor Day coming up soon, it’s hard not to think about the end of summer. Get revved up for fresh air and cooler weather and reset your routine with these San Diego outdoor activity ideas that help you reach your fitness goals:

1. Go Exploring

Hiking through a local park such as the Torrey Pines State Reserve or even around the block can give you a whole new scenery perspective. To totally change up your scene, trek the trails of Torrey Pines State Reserve or other state parks for ocean views or to see nature at its prettiest. Suddenly, that 5-mile hike will leave you wanting more.


2. Go Bike Riding


If you own a bike, perfect! If not, search for “San Diego bicycle rentals” and plan a day trip around the town. Even everyday chores like going to the grocery store or getting a haircut can be exciting — and keep you moving — when you cruise up on a bike. If you’re taking one last beach trip, bring your bike. Cruise the Imperial Sand Dunes or create your own scavenger hunt with public art and hide-away shops. Either way, you’ll boost your daily burn with bike riding and have fun while you’re at it.


3. Go Shopping


This time of year, there’s a festival for just about anything you can think of — and many of them have huge outdoor markets. Spend a day shopping the wares and masterpieces of local artists or search for treasures at a flea market, such as Kobey’s Swap Meet. All that shopping and walking can really add up. Of course, you can also score big at end-of-season sales in the mall. Just remember to take the stairs and skip the food court.


4. Go Dancing


Sure, the days may be getting shorter, but that means there’s more time for a dance party. Local parks or radio stations such as KPBS often host very talented musicians, performing in various styles from easy-listening to the hottest hits. So, find your favorite event and get moving — boring exercises don’t always equal more calories burned!

The best part about outdoor fitness ideas? They’re all weight loss surgery friendly! Let us know how you’re changing up your sweat sessions now that cooler weather is here, and be sure to share your favorite end-of-summer outdoor fitness tips with us!

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