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An upcoming surgical procedure can be stressful for anyone – from the all-too-common fear of surgery, stress over finances, and lack of detailed knowledge about the procedures. Olde Del Mar Surgical offers a wide selection of bariatric resources designed to reduce any fear or stress related to an upcoming surgical procedure.

Insurance and Financing Resources

Between insurance, personal wealth, and available credit, every patient faces a different financial situation. The care staff at Olde Del Mar Surgical has experience with nearly all types of insurance and financing situations. They will help you navigate the red tape associated with your particular type of insurance, and can even help you get additional financing if your insurance won’t cover the entire procedure. Their knowledge of medical financing and concern for your budget will make paying for the procedure as hassle free as possible.

Bariatric Surgery FAQs

If you are like most patients seeking bariatric surgery, you probably have a lot of questions. One of the most useful bariatric resources offered by Olde Del Mar Surgical is a complete list of frequently asked questions. The list of frequently asked questions include those most asked by patients during their initial consultation. If your concern isn’t listed here, or isn’t answered to your satisfaction, the Olde Del Mar Staff is always happy to provide additional answers.

Patient Forms

Often, patients prefer to complete any necessary paperwork before their appointment. At Olde Del Mar Surgical, you can find all of the pre-appointment patient forms online. This will allow you to fill out the forms more precisely and at your leisure.

News & Events

If you want to learn more about bariatric surgery and related medical information, the news page at Olde Del Mar Surgical is a great resource. The news page includes a variety of informative articles and blog entries on topics such as weight loss success stories, new developments in weight loss surgery, and more.

Patient Mentoring

While Dr. Bhoyrul and his compassionate staff will do their best to alleviate your fears or concerns, some patients respond best when mentored by past patients. You may find it easier to relate to patients who previously received the same or similar surgery as you. At Olde Del Mar Surgical, previous patients volunteer to mentor new patients who need a little extra support. If you’d like this sort of mentoring experience, ask a care team member for more information at your next appointment.

Schedule Your Bariatric Surgery

Dr. Bhoyrul encourages you to take advantage of all the available bariatric resources before scheduling your surgery. Once you are comfortable with the procedure, you can schedule your surgery by contacting Olde Del Mar Surgical online or by calling at 858-457-4917.