Post Op Puree Soft Food Diet

Your Procedure was:


Stay on sugar free clear liquids (water, broth, sugar-free jello, Gatorade Zero, Propel Zero, Vitamin Water Zero, herbal tea). Ensure at least 20 ounces of fluid daily. Increase to 48-64 ounces as tolerated.

May start Protein Shakes and full liquids (follow your BARIATRIC STAGE 1 diet handout) on Day 4 following surgery.



  • No vigorous activity or heavy lifting greater than 20 pounds for 4-6 weeks or until instructed by your care team.

  • Walking is great exercise. Try to increase your distance and time of your walks daily.

  • Continue your deep breathing exercises for the next 4 weeks.

  • Do not drive until instructed by your care team. This is usually 1-2 weeks after surgery and when you’re off all pain medication.

  • Sexual activity may be resumed when the abdominal incisions stop causing discomfort. This varies with each patient.

  • Returning to work depends on the type of job you have. Your surgeon/NP will advise you as to when you may return to work.

Wound Care:

  • Your lap sites may drain some fluid. This should be clear or light pink. Call your surgical team if the drainage is bloody, yellowish pus, or has a foul odor. Also, tell your surgical team if the skin around your wound looks very red.

  • Steri-strips may get wet. Usually these strips will begin to lift and peel in 7-10 days. If they fall off prior to day 7, they do NOT need to be replaced. If they are still present at day 10, please remove them

  • You can apply Neosporin or Bacitracin to lap sites 2x/day; however, do not apply any other types of lotions to sites until instructed to do so by your surgical team.

  • Alternating applications of ice/heat can help with swelling, bruising, and incisional pain. Use as needed after surgery for 20 minutes at a time 3-4 times/day. Always protect skin with cloth or towel.

  • It is common to experience swelling, bruising, as well as a ridge where incisions are after surgery.

  • You may notice that the incision on your left side is indented and very sore. This is common following surgery and will begin to improve in 4-6 weeks. It may take 3 months or more for the indentation to resolve.


Okay to shower, however no soaking in a bath, swimming or submersion of incisions for 2 weeks


  • Pain medication: Your Bariatric Provider will write you a prescription for this. Always take your medications as directed. If you feel it is not helping, call your surgeon’s office.

  • Do not drive while on pain medication because of risk for drowsiness and delayed reflexes.

  • Protonix will be ordered for you and should be taken twice daily for 90 days. The medication is to help prevent the development of ulcers and/or strictures.

  • Once at home, start Lactulose 1- 2 times/day until you have a bowel movement, then use as needed.

  • Resume home medications as directed on discharge. If with questions regarding home medications, please call your care team for clarification.

  • If possible, capsules should be opened and contents mixed with items included on your post-surgical dietary handout. Large pills, if possible, should be crushed as well. Some medications cannot be crushed or opened always check with your pharmacist.

  • If you take multiple medications, do not take them all at once as this can cause an obstruction.

  • If you take (or took) Blood pressure medications, monitor and record you blood pressure daily. Report any dizziness/lightheadedness or severe headaches/vision changes to your care team.

  • If you are (or were) Diabetic, continue to monitor and record your blood sugar levels at home. Notify your care team if your blood sugar level falls below 70 or is greater than 180.


Call the office if:

  • Your incisions are swollen, red, or have pus coming from them.

  • Your incisions come apart or there is a steady stream of blood or liquid coming from them.

  • You get a temperature of 101°F or greater.

  • You have pain or tenderness in your calf.

  • If you have difficulty with fluids, vomiting, or uncontrolled pain.

  • You have questions or concerns about your surgery or medicine.

  • Your doctor’s office number is: 858-457-4917

Seek care immediately if:

  • You have trouble breathing.

  • You have chest pain or are sweating with shortness of breath and nausea.

  • You have severe abdominal pain and/or fever.

Return Appointments:

  • You should already have a follow-up appointment scheduled with your Nurse Practitioner as well as the Registered Clinical Dietitian. If not, please call (858) 457-4917 to make an appointment for 2 weeks after your surgery, or as instructed.