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When should I fix my hernia?

Hernia surgery is a medical procedure performed to repair a hernia, which occurs when an organ or fatty tissue protrudes through a weak spot or tear in the surrounding muscle or connective tissue. What are different types of hernias? There are several types of hernias, including inguinal (groin), umbilical (belly button), femoral (upper thigh), hiatal…

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What General Surgeries Does Olde Del Mar Offer?

At Olde Del Mar Surgical, we’re best known for our expertise in bariatric surgery. We’re led by Dr. Sunil Bhoyrul, an award-winning surgeon who has gained national recognition for his experience and dedication to the bariatric branch of medicine.    While bariatric surgery is a large part of what makes us stand out, we also…

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What is Hiatal Hernia Surgery?

Photo of Hiatial Hernia Surgery

A hiatal hernia occurs when a portion of the stomach protrudes through a tear or weakness in the diaphragm and through the muscles between the abdomen and chest. In some instances, surgery is the only way to address this issue.  Hiatal hernias are common in individuals who are over the age of 50 and in…

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