Their Story

Describe your life before you had Weight Loss Surgery.

I have been struggling with my weight since my early teens. I never got it under control no matter what I did like exercising or eating healthy. I have back pains, knee pains and often have a hard time breathing correct when I do any activities even as simple as walking upstairs.

How long were you considering Weight Loss Surgery before you came in?

I was considering the weight loss surgery for about a year before I made my decision and did a lot of research before making my final decision of going through with it.

What was it like to work with our team?

The Del Mar Surgical team was amazing from start to finish especially Dr. Bhoyrul always making sure I felt comfortable with everything going on .

Describe your life now, after Weight Loss Surgery.

Now its been about 6 months since my surgery and I’ve lost about 50lbs so far and I feel better and healthier than ever and just sense my health has improved so much.