Their Story

Describe your life before you had Weight Loss Surgery.

Honestly i can’t say it was a life at all i was at my biggest weight ever at 445lbs at the age of 38 just imagine that my mobility was horrible i had no energy or motivation you could say i was depressed and had a lot of health issues from sleep apnea to pre diabetes to swollen feet and legs and would be out of breath just doing simple things like walking a few steps to taking showers literally basic everyday things! sadly i wouldnt even leave my house much because i was embarrassed of myself and ashamed of how bad i’ve gotten! it was NO LIFE! i spent most of my days in bed not being active i was a prisoner in my body!

How long were you considering Weight Loss Surgery before you came in?

Honestly fear kept me away from the surgery and also assuming i could do it on my own and i could never would never get that big was all real thoughts i had until my health became a big issue and i talked to my primary doctor who didn’t sugar coat anything he laid out for me and made me realize how serious this was which i appreciate it and owe him so much for the talk he gave me he really opened my eyes to the surgery and told me if you tried everything to lose weight and nothing worked than maybe it’s time to considered the surgery and he recommend me to Del Mar surgical.I will never forget this moment however still scared of really the unknown it took me a couple months to do research on the surgery and talk to my family and boyfriend before going to the consultation which once there doctor Sunil made me feel so comfortable and honestly made me feel like part of his family and answered all my questions and concerns he made the decision easy to make and i new that this was the right step for me! i was ready to start fighting for my life back! i was ready to make the change! i was tired of of doing nothing i mean im still young and have a lot more living to do! enough was enough!!! i new if i didn’t make the decision i was gonna hit the 500lbs soon i was literally killing myself who wants that!

What was it like to work with our team?

First of all i honestly love everyone at DEl MAR SURGICAL! they are a great team of people who just show how much they care about you as a person because they treat you as family! they support you every step of the way! Rachel and Nicole are amazing nutritionist and are so sweet and caring! they listen to you and help give great advice they are always there when you need them and even have support groups once a month which is always a good way to meet other people who are going threw the same journey as you and you can relate too which is awesome! Kirstein the nurse practitioner and doctor Sunil are truly the best to have for this surgery not only do they show how passionate they are in what they do they truly go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable and assured! i owe them my life! because of them i’m down from 445 lbs to 278lbs today and couldn’t be happier i’m doing all the things i couldn’t do before and so much more it’s like a whole new me honestly! my family and boyfriend see it and so do i! i have more energy and confidence i didn’t have before! i truly believe this surgery saved my life and gave me my life back! i will forever be grateful to DEl Mar SURGical and the whole team! i will recommend them to anyone who is thinking about having weightloss surgery trust me your in good hands!

Describe your life now, after Weight Loss Surgery.

Being able to walk without being tired or out of breath! having more energy! being active! being able to fit in restaurants booths and my safety belt fits! going out more and not hiding myself feels amazing! food no longer is just my life! i have so much i want to do and plan on doing this is just the beginning! my weight can no longer be the reason for not being able to do things anymore!