Their Story

Describe your life before you had Weight Loss Surgery.

I was 365 pound and my knees and back hurt, also I was out of breath I couldn’t keep up with my every day today life I had zero energy and motivation for losing weight.

How long were you considering Weight Loss Surgery before you came in?

I was considering surgery since 2018 researching. I put it off because I was scared to have a mejor surgery but as I waited I was gaining more and more weight I kept fad dieting I was losing and gaining the same 20 pounds and it was a nonstop cycle . I started my Journey with dr bortz December 2021 and had my surgery feb 28 2022

What was it like to work with our team?

Easy seriously very easy
Dr bortz was understanding and honesty down to earth he understand what I was going through he didn’t expect me to lose a bunch of weight before surgery him and his nutritionist helped me with getting ready for surgery and we’re Patient and actually cared .

Describe your life now, after Weight Loss Surgery.

My kid now after surgery is amazing I can see and feel the difference I have more energy I want to go out more I’m more confident and the thing I love more is I know I will have a better life it’s amazing being able to put on clothes and them fitting