My Weight Loss Journal — Whitney Struggles with Motivation and Emotions

Today’s post is the next segment of the My Weight Loss Journal series by Whitney H. Here she shares her frustrations two months after surgery and describes the emotional stress that can come with navigating the first holidays after weight-loss surgery.

7 Weeks Post Op

I was so motivated after last week’s weight loss that I spent this week working out like a mad woman, even upping my workouts to two-a-days. Personal problems at home helped to keep me focused on my workouts since I didn’t have much to distract me during the week. My hard work paid off, with me losing almost one pound every day, for a total loss of 6 pounds! Despite everything else going on in my life, I was feeling pretty good.

8 Weeks Post Op

Talk about a rough week! I was exhausted, burnt out, and just feeling completely unmotivated. After working so hard the last couple weeks I just wanted to go home, eat junk, and crawl into bed after work every day because I felt so tired. I also started noticing a change in my attitude and mood. Not sure if it was/is the exhaustion, but, man, have I become irritable, moody, and a little bit gloomy.

Sadly, it’s started affecting my personal relationships, too; which makes my weekends less than enjoyable. I’ve also noticed if I don’t hit 10,000 steps for the day, then I have a really hard time going to sleep peacefully. I’m struggling trying to juggle work, family and friends, while also trying to stay focused on eating right during the holidays and still getting in a daily workout.

Sometimes I feel like I don’t get a single moment to just relax and have some “ME” time, so I end up skipping a work out or snapping at someone. And I didn’t lose any weight this week, making me feel even worse — such a vicious cycle.

9 Weeks Post-Op

And so it continues … another rough week. I’m back to working out but still struggling with my emotions. I felt so out of whack that I needed to talk to Dr. Farinholt over the weekend just to be sure the way I was feeling was normal. Luckily, I have wonderful support from everyone at Old Del Mar Surgical and I now look forward to Mondays more than I look forward to the weekends.

I’ve also started running and working on improving my interval training with the help of the VO2 assessment I had with Mary. I’ve found that since I’ve lost nearly 45 pounds, I actually enjoy running now! It’s become so much easier and I feel so good afterwards, especially since it helps me hit 10,000 steps!

In the last few weeks, I’ve also attempted eating fried and fast foods and let’s just say that it no longer makes me or my stomach very happy. Not only does it not taste good but it instantly comes right back up. A common remark is that having weight loss surgery is “the easy way out” and that it’s just a “quick fix.” If anything, things have gotten much more difficult and I have to try even harder in all aspects.

One thing’s for sure, The saying in the office is true…“Surgery is not a miracle, it is merely a tool.”

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