My Weight Loss Journal — Whitney H. – Week 10 through 12

10 weeks post op…

I had a much better week. It was my mom’s birthday and I took her out to afternoon tea. It’s one of our favorite mother/daughter things to do and I couldn’t wait to try out this new place in La Mesa. The tea room was super cute and everything was so delicious… but despite the small portions, I ended up having to take half home (which was definitely ok with Ken). Trying to drink the tea was difficult since it’s uncomfortable trying to drink and eat at the same time.

The hardest part of going out to eat and trying new things is always feeling anxious that something might not sit right and the possibility of having to run to a bathroom if it comes back up. Thankfully, I haven’t had that happen, but I’ve been close! This week I also had a very positive appointment with Dr. Bhoyrul. I was so relieved that he was pleased with what I’ve been doing and happy to see the increase in my workouts/steps.

11 weeks post op…

I went saree shopping with the girls from work to look for an outfit for our holiday party and ended up buying a beautiful purple tunic…ONE SIZE SMALLER. This was my motivation for the month to get myself into that smaller tunic without ripping it!

12 weeks post op…

Thanksgiving week! One of my favorite holidays filled with family, friends, and GOOD FOOD! It started out with a Thanksgiving potluck at work, the day before, with all the yummy fixings. I ate a little of everything, avoiding the bread to save room for the good stuff. Thanksgiving Day is always so busy going from house to house to house, trying to see everyone in my family and Ken’s. But I still made sure to get in a quick workout early in the morning. It was such a fun day (with plenty of moderation, of course), ending with a quick trip to Best Buy to check out the black Friday deals!

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