My Weight Loss Journal — Whitney H. has More Challenges and Great Successes

7 months post op…

An Emotional Rollercoaster

A lot has changed for me in this past month. It was my first month being single and living alone again after almost 4 years. It’s been a rollercoaster of emotions and I went through the first half of the month feeling very unmotivated and depressed. As much as I tried not to let it get in the way of my progress, it took a huge toll on my overall well-being. I still continued to get in a few workouts after work, with the huge help of Mary and Connie, but I wasn’t giving it my all. My weight had stalled and I knew it had to do with the foods I was eating, especially at night before bed, so to keep myself accountable I got back on MyFitnessPal and started entering every single thing I put in my mouth again. It has helped keep me from late night snacking, as well as meal plan for the day. I broke my stall and am back to losing again!

Springtime Run after Bariatric Surgery

Before surgery, I used to go on walks after work around the UCSD campus with Mary, Connie, and Beverly. Sometimes they would go running and I would walk by myself, wishing I could keep up with them. It used to take me an hour to walk the 2 mile route and even longer to complete the 3 mile route. I was so happy when daylight savings time came around again because I love the longer days and having the sun still out when I get off work. (Side note: I can’t wait for summer!) So, Mary and I decided to go for a run outside for the first time in months. The fresh air and warm sun felt amazing. There were still several times that I had to stop and walk but I ran the whole route for the most part, and was able to complete 3 miles in 40 minutes! I was so proud of myself and I’m looking forward to completing my first 5k!

Incorporating Yoga into My Routine

I’ve always loved the practice of yoga and the toning/strengthening benefits it can provide. I’ve been so focused on running/cardio and weight training that my muscles have become very tight and sore. I’d tried yoga in the past and had always struggled holding the poses that I would give up. So I decided to test my new body and go to my first yoga class at my local gym. It was very intimidating at first, but the teacher was very positive and encouraging. I thought it would be easier since I was much lighter than the last time I tried it, but I still struggled the entire class and was so relieved for it to be over.

After class, the teacher came up to me and told me she was very impressed that it was my first class because I was so fluid in the motions. If it hadn’t have been for her telling me that, I may not have gone back again a few days later. I found that I felt much more comfortable the second time around and am now excited to continue improving and getting stronger! Seeing my progress from where I’ve come to where I am now and thinking about where I’ll be in another month keeps me motivated and encourages me to never give up.

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