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Gastric Sleeve for Weight Loss

During the sleeve gastrectomy procedure, the surgeon removes about 85 percent of the stomach so that it takes the shape of a tube or sleeve.

Gastric sleeve surgery is performed laparoscopically, meaning that the surgeon makes small incisions as opposed to one large incision. Dr. Bhoyrul insert a viewing tube with a small camera (laparoscope) and other tiny instruments into these small incisions to remove part of the stomach. The tube-shaped stomach that is left is sealed closed with staples. Our bariatric surgeons typically reinforce the staple line with stitches, glue, and absorbable strips to reduce the likelihood of complications such as a leak or bleed from the staples.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery

A non-reversible procedure, gastric sleeve surgery is performed under general anesthesia and takes about one to two hours.
Afterward you will probably stay in the hospital for one or two days; recovery from sleeve gastrectomy is typically 2-4 weeks.

At Olde Del Mar Surgical, we believe that the best results from bariatric surgery come from tailoring the type of surgery to the patients’ needs, expectations, and medical condition. We have considerable experience with Gastric Sleeve. Dr. Bhoyrul has performed hundreds of sleeve gastrectomy procedures with some of the best outcomes and lowest complication rates, earning them the designation of “Center of Excellence” surgeon for Gastric Sleeve, lap band and laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery. Patients who may typically do better with gastric sleeve than a band or bypass are those who cannot or do not wish to have regular follow up for band adjustments, or patients who wish to avoid some of the vitamin replacement and food choices associated with a gastric bypass.

Many of our patients from out of town choose to have the sleeve gastrectomy for these reasons, as do many of our active professionals. We value the input of our registered dietitian, clinical psychologist, and referring physicians when we recommend the choice of surgery for an individual patient. We consider all patient factors before making a personalized recommendation about the type of surgery that may be best suited to an individual. The patients environment, medical factors, genetic profile, body composition, and personal preferences are all used in making our recommendation. The choice is ultimately made with patient and his/her bariatric surgeon, with the patient having the final say after a fully informed discussion of the facts.

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