Dr. Sunil Bhoyrul-Information on Gastric Plication and "Band over Bypass"

Lots of exciting developments to report!  Encouraging data on the outcomes from bariatric surgery as well as insights into the scientific basis of obesity.  In fact, an interview that I gave was picked up by MSNBC and Fox.  As a community of surgeons we are curious about the role that gastric plication has in the overall spectrum of bariatric surgery.  We, at odmsemma.wpengine.com will be launching a study shortly to help figure this one out.

Im also glad to report that our work on revision bariatric surgery is being acknowledged internationally. I will be traveling to Hamburg in the fall to present a surgical techniques video of  “Band over Bypass”, so we can showcase our surgical techniques in front of my peers.

I will continue to keep you updated – thanks for being such a wonderful group of patients to work with!!


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  1. Vangie Mag on July 18, 2011 at 5:55 pm

    I think that’s wonderful… thank you for the information Dr. Bhoyrul

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