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Surgery for Cancer

Being diagnosed with any type of cancer is frightening. A cancer diagnosis can turn a person’s life upside down, as well as the lives of his or her family and loved ones.

The surgical oncology care at Del Mar Surgical believe that, of all of the worries cancer patients must face, the quality of their surgical cancer treatments should not be among them. Our physicians are deeply committed to providing the highest level of oncologic care available and giving patients assurance, hope, and guidance as they move toward recovery and cure. Our team includes Dr. Bhoyrul, the medical and radiation oncologists, with access to the tumor board at Scripps Memorial Hospital offering our patients the consensus opinion of the most experienced physicians.

An Overview of Oncology

Oncology, in the most general sense, is the branch of medicine that deals with cancer and tumors. Dr. Bhoyrul is trained and experienced in identifying, diagnosing, and treating cancer at both the earliest stages as well as in its most advanced forms.

Cancer typically develops when normal, healthy cells undergo some sort of genetic mutation. These mutations are usually triggered by carcinogens, or cancer-causing agents, but can, in many cases, be traced to genetics. While cancer is not always life threatening, it is vital that anyone with even a remote suspicion of cancer contact our practice and schedule a consultation with one of our surgical oncologists. If appropriate, referral to one of our genetic specialists may be recommended.

Cancer Treatments

Our cancer specialists serve our North County and San Diego area patients by identifying the presence of cancer, diagnosing its specific type and extent, and devising a comprehensive course of treatment. At the leading edge in treatments and options, cancer surgeon at Del Mar Surgical deals with the full range of cancer types, including pancreatic and gastric cancer.

While pancreatic and gastric cancers are not among the most common types of cancer, they are among the most challenging to treat. Early detection, however difficult, gives oncologists the best chance to treat the cancer successfully. Dr. Bhoyrul has extensive experience in the treatment of colon cancer, small bowel cancer, link_adrenal tumorslink to: D6, and esophageal cancer.

Laparoscopic Surgery for Cancer

In many instances it may be appropriate to apply minimally invasive techniques in the surgical treatment of abdominal cancers. Laparoscopic colon resection, laparoscopic resection of some types of esophageal and stomach tumors, and laparoscopic removal of the adrenal glands and spleen are procedures with which Dr. Bhoyrul and his team have substantial experience.

Team Approach

The best possible outcome for cancer patients is when a team of cancer specialists are involved. Dr. Bhoyrul and his team work closely with the medical oncologists, radiation oncologist, other surgeons, radiologists, and genetic counselors to offer all patients access to the most comprehensive care available. Many of these clinicians meet formally every Thursday to discuss best treatment strategies for our patients.

Colon Cancer

As one of the most common cancers of the GI tract, our surgeons have exceptional experience with this disease. Learn more

Surgical Oncology

Deciding what type of surgery to perform for cancer is a complex decision combining the need to provide the best long term result, with the most comfortable and shortest possible recovery. For example, surgery for colon cancer and link_breast cancer_link to: E4 can often be performed through small incisions, with equivalent or even superior outcomes when compared to conventional approaches. At Olde Del Mar Surgical, we will provide our opinion on the best type of surgery for you, and often provide the consensus opinion of the Scripps Tumor board, giving you even more reassurance that you will receive safe, effective, and state of the art surgery at an exceptionally challenging time for you and your family. Dr. Bhoyrul has a special interest in gastrointestinal oncology (stomach, small bowel, colon, pancreas, esophagus), and breast oncology. We also have extensive experience in operating on tumors of the adrenal gland and spleen.

Contact Our Cancer Specialists Today

Dr. Bhoyrul serves patients from La Jolla, North County, and all of San Diego with cancer identification, diagnosis, and cancer treatments. Our team is committed to forging patient-doctor relationships grounded in trust, assurance, and dignity. Contact Del Mar Surgical today at 858.457.4917 to learn more about what our oncologist can do for you.