Pokemon GO Workout

Pokemon Go WorkoutLooking for a fun way to get fit? Need a little extra motivation to get outside and walk? If so, a Pokemon GO workout could be perfect for you!

Pokemon GO, a free location-based mobile app for both iPhones and Android-powered devices, is wildly popular with people of all ages. Unlike most video games, it actually forces players to get up, go outside, and walk (or run) around in order to play, making it the perfect tool for anyone who wants to lose weight and get in shape.

During the game, players use their data and GPS-enabled smartphones to search for digital creatures known as Pokemon – the trick is, these little guys move around a lot, so players need to search their town or city on foot to capture them and move ahead in the game.

With 151 Pokemon (and counting) available to catch, you can stay active for a long, long time while enjoying the thrill of the hunt!

Here’s some ideas about how you can enjoy a challenging Pokemon GO workout in your neighborhood:

Set A Goal

Start by setting a goal to capture a certain number of Pokemon each day – that way, you’ll focus more on the game, and less on how long you actually spend walking, or jogging, in search of virtual monsters. After a few days you’ll get a sense for how much time it takes to find and catch each monster, as well as to ‘fuel up’ at ‘Poke Stops’.

Interval Training

Once you have the hang of the game, you can start focusing on getting a great Pokemon GO workout by doing ‘interval training’ – that means that you push yourself to walk, or jog, faster for a few short bursts at a time, then you slow down or stop for a few minutes in between.

To use interval training with Pokemon GO, start in an area that has a few Poke Stops. Walk briskly to the first Poke Stop, then stop and do some body-weight exercises like a set of squats or lunges. Continue on to your next Poke Stop, making sure that you move quickly enough to increase your heart rate, then repeat.

Plan Your Play Time

Schedule your Pokemon GO play times into your day so you can enjoy the benefits of a Pokemon GO workout on a regular basis. Try to book ‘play time’ before or after work, during your lunch hour, or in the evening when you might normally be watching television.

Explore New Places

Another great way to get fit with Pokemon GO is by exploring new neighborhoods, towns, or nearby cities. Why not schedule a day trip to a walkable area where you can hunt for Pokemon? It’s the perfect way to spend an afternoon, and better yet, the whole family can get involved!

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