Patient Appreciation Night:To Celebrate Life


Dr. Bhoyrul’s patients are like family.  Every time I watch a “family member”(that’s what I like to call our patients) reach a goal or milestone in their life, I always get excited. It always gives me chills every time I see them. When a family member comes in for a visit, we start to see the changes they are going through. Like the clothes they wear, their shoes, Hairstyles  changes, the list goes on and on….. they also tell us about the things they’re doing that they’ve never done before, like Skydiving!! I love it!

The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to see them share it with everyone, other patients, and even more importantly their own family.  It’s a life changing moment for our family memebers, they are so proud of their accomplishment and so are we. We actually helped them with the battle of obesity, something they’ve been battling with most of their lives. “We did that!!” What a great feeling…..

That’s when I thought of Celebrating our Family members, thanking them for being such an inspiration to us, their family and friends.  I decided to come up with the idea of having  “Patient Appreciation Night” to celebrate their journey…to celebrate  their success.

Like any family function, I thought it would be a great way to celebrate their life changing moments and thank each and every one of our “family members” for working so hard at reaching their goal.

We look forward to our 2nd annual “Patient Appreciation Night” this year!  We will keep you posted on the date!

a big   Thank You!! to our family.                   

Vangie Magpusao, Office Manager

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