how fast food relates to obesity

How Fast Food Relates to Obesity

Is fast food to blame for the obesity epidemic? It is undeniable that there is a link between fast food and obesity in America. Go to almost any town in the country and you’ll find a couple of fast food restaurants….

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Questions about cosmetic surgery procedures

What To Ask Your Bariatric Doctor About Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

Shortly after your bariatric surgery, you might start considering cosmetic surgery to address the impacts of significant weight loss. With our vast experience helping patients through their weight loss journey, we have compiled a list the top cosmetic surgery questions you should be asking your doctor before choosing a cosmetic surgery practice or procedure. The Top Cosmetic Surgery…

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how much does obesity cost in healthcare?

The Cost of Obesity

Obesity is a complicated issue that can stem from genetics, behavior, and environmental factors such as geographic location and income level. Because there are so many circumstances that can cause obesity, it’s important to understand why you or a loved one is struggling with excess weight so you can work toward a healthier future. Whether…

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What to know before gallbladder surgery

What to Know About Gallbladder Surgery

The gallbladder is a curious piece of anatomy. A small sac-like organ, its primary function is to store digestive juices to help the small intestine break down fat. This little sachet of bile is likely to go unnoticed — in fact, most people can’t point to its location in the body — until it causes pain….

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Bariatric surgery support resources

The Importance of Bariatric Support Resources

Long-term weight loss success begins with bariatric surgery. Still, physicians and patients agree — it’s the support and resources available afterward that help you adjust to, and thrive in, your healthy new lifestyle. At Olde Del Mar Surgical, we’re committed to helping you achieve every one of your health goals. That’s why we offer various bariatric…

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