New Year, New You

New Year New youWhat’s your New Year’s resolution? Whether your goals involve weight loss, advancing your career, finding a new look, or developing healthy habits, we have tips for sticking with your plan. Here’s how you can enjoy a new year, new you in 2017:

Write It Down

Researchers have shown that writing down your New Year’s resolutions goes a long way towards sticking with your plans to pursue a new year, new you. Begin a journal or diary where you can track your progress.

Make note of any steps you’ve taken to reach your goals as well as any barriers you’ve faced. Over time, you’ll be able to review your notes to identify patterns that both help and hinder your success.

Set Small Goals

Every journey begins with a single step. Breaking your ‘big picture’ goals into small milestones can keep you from feeling overwhelmed. Small steps are especially helpful for long-term goals like diet change, fitness habits, or significant weight loss.

For example, if you are working toward bariatric surgery, develop a step-by-step plan outlining how you can achieve your goal. Steps include making an appointment with your primary health-care provider, researching weight loss surgeries, and scheduling a consultation with a bariatric surgeon to review your options.

Be Consistent

It’s easier to establish healthy habits if you set a schedule and stick to it. For example, if one of your New Year’s resolutions is to get more exercise, write down exactly when you plan to go for a walk, participate in an exercise class, or head to the gym. The same goes for improving your eating habits. Establishing and maintaining regular meal times can help manage cravings, keep blood sugar levels steady, and reduce the temptation to overeat.

Think Positive

A positive attitude can go a long way towards helping you stick with your New Year’s resolutions. Focus on your success. With the right support and a good attitude you can do anything! Seek out friends and family members who are supportive in your quest to improve your health and wellness. Avoid spending too much time (or energy) on those who don’t support your goals.

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