New Study Results – Gastric Bypass and Insulin

diabetes wlsAt Olde del Mar Surgical, many patients arrive at our office suffering from both obesity and type 2 diabetes.  These patients are looking for the best surgery option to promote weight loss and improve their glucose control. Although different procedures are right for different patients, one that is particularly effective in addressing diabetes is gastric bypass. Recent research has shown that gastric bypass surgery can even reverse the condition in a matter of days. Now, a new study from the Cleveland Clinic may explain why. Insulin is made by the pancreas, and when pancreatic function declines, we have an insulin imbalance. The researchers found that gastric bypass changes hormones in the gut, which triggers the pancreas to start making insulin again – basically reversing the decline of the pancreas’ function. The results of this study offer hope for the many obese patients with type 2 diabetes who struggle with both their weight and controlling blood sugar.

In a 24 month sub-study of the STAMPEDE trial (Surgical Therapy And Medications Potentially Eradicate Diabetes Efficiently), the researchers evaluated the effects of weight loss surgery and intensive medical therapy on blood sugar levels, body composition, and pancreatic beta-cell function. They found that 41 percent of the patients in the sub-study who underwent gastric bypass saw their blood sugar levels back to normal. Only 6 percent who received intensive medical therapy achieved the same results.  Additionally, gastric bypass patients experienced a greater reduction in belly fat compared to the patients who underwent the gastric sleeve, leading the researchers to conclude that gastric bypass seems to uniquely restore pancreatic beta-cell function, presumably by targeting belly fat and modifying the hormones in the gastrointestinal tract. Further, bypass patients achieved near normal blood sugar levels following a mixed meal test at 12 and 24 months. These results were associated with a remarkable 5.8-fold increase in overall pancreatic cell function, compared to a 2-fold increase in the other treatment groups.

At Olde del Mar Surgical, Dr Bhoyrul and our team are dedicated to finding the weight loss surgery procedure best suited to each patient’s unique, individual needs.  We are proud to incorporate cutting edge research, such as this study, in our decision-making process.  To learn more about the surgery options we offer, please contact our office at 858-457-4917 today.

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