New Diabetes Study – Gastric bypass surgeon sees overlap with the way that weight loss surgery cures diabetes!

diabetes_studyFor many years, weight loss surgeons have been fascinated by the rapid resolution of type 2 diabetes after gastric bypass surgery. It is not uncommon for diabetic patients to be off all their medications within 2 days of weight loss surgery. The most common theory is that weight loss surgery (especially gastric bypass) affects the production of intestinal hormones known as Incretins – these hormones (GLP- 1 is a well recognized incretin), seem to improve glucose control, as well as decrease hunger. Weight loss surgery has been shown to dramatically affect the intestinal production of these hormones, and, as a result of the reduction in blood sugar and appetite, diabetes improves and patients lose weight.

Amylin Pharmaceuticals have now launched a study of a medication that increase GLP-1, and, as a result, we expect that diabetic patients taking this medication may experience better blood sugar control and simultaneous weight loss. The study is open to diabetic patients taking Metformin (and essentially no other diabetic meds) who are otherwise healthy, and have not had weight loss surgery. Like most good studies, some of the patients will receive the medication, while others will receive a placebo, and all patents will continue to take their metformin. The study is fascinating, and in addition to potentially being a valuable addition to the way that we treat patients with diabetes, will continue to contribute to our knowledge regarding how weight loss surgery works and how diabetes may some day be cured.

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