My Weight Loss Journal – 6 Months Post-op

By Whitney H.

I can’t believe it’s been 6 months since my bariatric surgery! The time has just flown by and it’s amazing to think that I was 75 lbs. heavier just 6 months ago! That’s right… I’ve hit the 75 lb. weight loss milestone and it feels awesome! Sometimes it doesn’t feel like I’ve lost that much and I still look down at myself and feel like I did last year before I decided to have the surgery. I have to look in the mirror and see my reflection to realize I’m no longer 236 lbs. The only way to describe it is that it feels like my brain hasn’t quite caught up to the rest of my body.

A Few Concerns

I’m noticing I’m able to eat a little more now a days and my hair loss has been at an all-time high! It worries me that I can eat more and I’ve been struggling with poor food choices. I’ve been under a ton of stress and a bit of depression, causing me to reach for unhealthy “comfort food” and skip workouts to just go home and watch TV instead. Losing my hair hasn’t helped with the way I’ve been feeling. I used to LOVE my hair and would get so many compliments on how long and thick it was. It’s now about 50% thinner and has been very difficult for me to deal with. I’ve been loading up on biotin and protein, trying to stay consistent with my multi-vitamins, and have been using olive oil shampoo. Hoping the hair loss stops soon and looking forward to the regrowth!

Facebook Bariatric Surgery Support Group

An old friend from high school recently sent me a message on Facebook inquiring about my surgery and let me know that she had had the same surgery as well. After discussing our progress and struggles she introduced me to an online support group on Facebook and it has been so motivating, as well as inspiring. It’s completely taken over my news feed and almost every post I see now is about someone’s struggles, progress, before/after photos, tips on food/protein sources, and lots and lots of questions. It’s helped to re-motivate me and I’ve discovered a lot of helpful advice. I love being able to see what’s working for other people, and I’m inspired by their progress and positivity, especially seeing it on a daily basis.
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