My Weight Loss Journal — Follow Whitney Recovery after Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Today’s post is the second part of our new series, My Weight Loss Journal. Join Whitney H. as she continues to share her story about recovering from the Gastric Sleeve Surgery and her exciting weight loss results just in time for bathing suit season.

In the Hospital

Recovery after my gastric sleeve surgery was much harder than I was expecting. I ended up staying an extra night in the hospital because I couldn’t get my pain under control. I didn’t want to do laps around the floor, like the nurses and my mom kept pushing me to do. All I wanted to do was sleep, especially after I finally received some pain meds that worked. I refused to stay a third night in the hospital and gathered my willpower to start drinking all my fluids and walking around the hospital. When I was finally released, I could not wait to get home and shower!

The First Weeks at Home

Once I was home Ken helped me 24/7, and my mom stayed over on the days Ken was at work, until I was able to get up from the couch or bed by myself. I struggled a lot with the pain and that horrible Stage 1 diet (I was so sick of artificial sweeteners) for the first couple weeks, but felt encouraged every day when I stepped on that scale and saw the numbers dropping. At 1-2 pounds a day, I had lost 20 pounds within the first 2 weeks! At my post-op follow up, everyone could see that my face was smaller and Dr. Bhoyrul couldn’t be happier with the progress I had made. That made it all worth it.

3 Weeks Post-Op

After 21 days of liquids, I couldn’t WAIT to have some cottage cheese! Anything that wasn’t sweet! I had been going through Pinterest for recipes and watching cooking shows with great anticipation of all the healthy and savory dishes I was going to make. I was so excited to eat regular foods that I either tried combinations of foods (at this stage of recovery, you should only attempt solid foods one at a time) or I’d have just one bite too many, and end up throwing it all up.

Eating the right amounts of the right foods was a daily struggle that made leaving the house to run errands or go for a walk very difficult, especially during the 100 degree heat wave that rolled through. The only thing I wanted was watermelon. It quenched my thirst and took away my hunger, and even though it was sweet, it was that delicious, natural sweetness that I couldn’t get enough of.

What I didn’t expect was the halt in my weight loss once I began eating soft foods (the Stage 2 diet). After feeling discouraged, I did some research and discovered that it was completely normal to plateau around this time. I hate to admit it, but during the last week and a half, I really felt like I had made a mistake going through with the surgery and kept thinking I should’ve just tried harder to do it on my own. Needless to say those were a rough couple weeks, but thankfully I had a lot of love and support from everyone around me — especially Ken.

4 Weeks Post-Op

This was the week of mine and Ken’s birthdays, so we decided to go on a cruise! After 3 weeks at home, I was restless and needed to get out of the house. I couldn’t wait to set sail and relax before going back to work. My pain from the gastric sleeve surgery was gone and all I wanted to do was go swimming and get a tan. I tried a lot of new foods, kept my Zofran (a prescription anti-nausea medicine) close by, and took it religiously — I was determined NOT to get sick on my vacation. We walked a lot, especially when in port, and got up to 12,000 steps some days! I admit there were times I missed being able to enjoy more of the onboard meals, and the waiters gave me some funny looks when I took three bites then told them I was full, but I wouldn’t trade that for how wonderful I felt in my bathing suit.

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