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Meet Whitney H. and Follow Her Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery

Whitney - gastric sleeve patient

Today’s post introduces a new series, My Weight Loss Journal, where we invite an Olde Del Mar Surgical patient to share their candid story — including struggles, triumphs, and goals. Kicking off the first series is Whitney H., one of Dr. Bhoyrul’s own employees, who underwent the Sleeve Gastrectomy procedure.

Hello! Tell Us About Yourself

I’m Whitney and I’ve struggled with my weight since I was 8 years old. I’ve been teased, taunted, judged, and generally put down about my weight for as long as I can remember. When I turned 13, I began trying so many unhealthy diets. Paleo, low carb/no carb, Herbalife, the Master Cleanse, vegetable/fruit juice cleanses, and I even went through a bout of anorexia during my senior year of high school. In the end, I always ended up gaining the weight back, plus some! And then almost 1 year ago, I was called for a job interview at Olde Del Mar Surgical. It seemed like fate. The doctors and staff are the kindest, most compassionate people you could ever meet, and to work for/with them has been the biggest blessing. I enjoyed watching our patients’ journeys and seeing their transformations, not just physically but the boost in confidence and overall well-being, too. It was so inspiring! After 6 months, I finally made the decision to stop watching and get moving! With the support of Dr. Bhoyrul, Dr. Farinholt, and all my co-workers, I had a Sleeve Gastrectomy on August 31, 2015, and this is my weight loss journal …

10 Days Before Surgery

I started the liver shrinking diet and it was easier than I expected, right up until the last couple days! I ended up hating soup, and will probably never eat it again. My sense of smell seemed to improve because everything smelled amazing and I could smell them from what seemed like a mile away. Even foods that I would’ve refused in the past looked absolutely delicious. It also didn’t help having fast food brought into the house almost daily. I had to lock myself away in the bedroom until it was gone. I felt lethargic and weak but I knew that once Dr. Bhoyrul opened me up, he would see if I had followed instructions or given in to temptation, and that is NOT how I wanted to start my journey.

The Day of Surgery

I woke up at 4 a.m., showered, and took some last-minute “before” pictures. I was terrified on the drive to the hospital, and at one point I broke down and started crying. My boyfriend, Ken, reassured me that everything was going to be great and in my heart, I knew I was in great hands. But I had never been admitted to the hospital, never broken a bone, and definitely never had surgery (unless you count having my wisdom teeth removed). My mom, dad, and grandma all met us at the hospital and I was taken into pre-op. I changed into the gown and socks provided, had a HUGE IV catheter put into the top of my hand (ouch!), and waited anxiously for the doctors to stop by before being rolled into the operating room. One by one, my loved ones took turns spending time with me until they came in and told me it was time. I gave Ken a huge hug and kiss and closed my eyes while saying a quick prayer, trying hard not to cry. Once in the operating room, all I remember thinking is “this room is way smaller than the ones on Grey’s Anatomy.” Then, with an injection into my IV and a mask over my mouth, I was asleep.

Waking up back in the pre-op/post-op area was excruciating. I was alone and in the most pain I had ever felt in my life. All I could manage to utter was “It hurts. It hurts.” and crying only made it hurt more. After what felt like eternity, I was finally given some pain meds and then rolled up to my room. A huge wave of relief came over me when I saw my family in the hallway, was able to hold Ken’s hand, and feel the comfort you can only get from your mom.

More from Whitney in the My Weight Loss Journal series

Join us next week for part two of three in Whitney’s story as she details her struggles with recovery and the excitement of watching the numbers drop. Got a question or some kinds words for her? Head over to the Olde Del Mar Surgical Facebook page where Whitney will be checking messages and answering posts.

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