Message from Aparna: The 3 C's

This is a wonderful time to celebrate all of our accomplishments in the past year and we look forward to a new year full of exciting goals and plans. Health and nutrition has never been more `in’ than it is today with all of the latest advancements in technology and more awareness around the country. It becomes important in our daily lives to rely on certain `tools’ to enable us to lead healthy lives.  A healthy weight is something we all desire to accomplish through this journey.  I believe you all are armored with the 3 C’s that it takes to succeed with weight loss. You have the-

Courage to handle the stress of surgery and to face what lies ahead of you

Confidence in your bariatric team- Dr.Bhoyrul and his staff to do their best for you

Commitment to lead a healthy lifestyle to reach your goal            

Aparna Ramadurai, Registered Dietitian

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