Meet Melanie: Before and After Weight Loss Stories


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My name is Melanie and I am 30 years old. I was skinny all throughout high school and college, but once I graduated from college I got my first desk job and the pounds began to pack on. Stress, unhealthy eating, and a sedentary lifestyle caused my weight to climb steadily until at age 29, I was 262 pounds, on blood pressure medicine, and felt exhausted all the time. I knew I needed to make a permanent change and set a goal to get healthy by my 30th birthday.

I had tried every fad diet known to mankind. You name it… I’ve tried it. I was always successful losing the first 20 or so pounds, but then I would always gain the weight I lost plus more the second I stopped the insanely restrictive diets. I knew I needed help and that’s when a friend of mine recommended Dr. Bhoyrul. After meeting Dr. Bhoyrul in person and understanding how my metabolism and body composition was affecting my ability to lose weight, I knew weight loss surgery was the right decision for me. Dr. Bhoyrul is my biggest supporter and cheerleader. I have never met a medical professional with such a kind and genuine bedside manner.

Weight Loss Surgery is a TOOL

On June 8th, 2015 my life changed forever. I had the gastric sleeve operation done and my new life began. One thing I always tell people who ask me how I’ve had so much success on my journey is that the operation itself is just a TOOL. This is not a magic solution that will cause you to wake up toned, skinny, and healthy. The surgery helps you lose the first bit of weight quickly, but it is through disciplined diet and exercise over the year of “active weight loss” post surgery that you really will see results if you put in the work. I have known many people who have had the surgery and did not adopt a healthy lifestyle of eating the right foods and exercising. For them, they have seen minimal change and minimal weight loss. This tool truly gives you what you put into it.

I am now 1-year post-op and I weigh 145 lbs. My highest weight ever was 262 pounds. Amazing is not a strong enough word to describe how I feel. I feel happy, confident, energetic, and everyone in my life who knows me tells me I’m glowing. I finally feel like the person I always knew I was.

I’ve Become a Workout Junkie

One of the coolest things that came from this journey is my love for exercise. I am now a workout junkie and incorporate at least an hour of gym time into my daily life. I do Pilates, weight lifting, running, (I’ve done three 5k’s since surgery!) and my true passion and love, spinning.  Spinning has become my biggest stress reliever. If I’m having a bad day, I throw on my spin shoes and take a spin class. I have replaced my old habits of stress eating with new, healthy ones that are helping me get and maintain the body/lifestyle I have always wanted. Spin has changed my life so much that I became a certified spinning instructor and just taught my very first spin class! I now hope to motivate and lead others the way that my spin teachers have led me along my journey.

If you had told me a year ago that I would be where I am today, I would never have believed it. Have faith in yourself and know that with hard work, determination, and A LOT of sweat, dreams do come true.

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