Meet Lorri and Al: Before and After Weight Loss Stories

Lorri Before and AfterRead Lorri and Al’s inspiring story as part of our Before and After Weight Loss Stories Series

Our story…one must stop the madness of being overweight due to overeating or a medical condition that makes one heavy. It starts out by seeking a Bariatric Doctor of your choice and talking with him/ her about your problem of being overweight. We, as a Husband & Wife, did just this by making an appointment with Dr. Bhoyrul at Olde Del Mar Surgical. He gave us both a game plan after we introduced our problems to him. We went through the normal waiting period of six months due to insurance purposes. While during that waiting period we saw Dr. Bhoyrul and the Dietician once a month for six months. We also saw a Psychiatrist as part of the insurance requirements. During the six months we followed a diet plan put together by the Doctor and Dietician, Mary Wight, in order to prepare our Bodies and Minds for our upcoming surgeries.

Let me add that we were both given our surgical dates – Myself in Octoal-successstory2ber and My Husband in November of 2015. In Closing, we both feel we made the right decision and we thank not only Dr. Bhoyrul, our Dietician Mary Wight and the Wonderful Staff at Olde Del Mar Surgical for giving us a new outlook on life. However, Weight loss Surgery is not the Easy way out, it is only a tool and it is up the individual or individuals to make it a Success.

I would like to add my husband and I had hypertension and he had Diabetes and we were on numerous medications. I can happily report we no longer take any medications and my husband’s diabetes is gone and hypertension is no longer a problem.

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