International Surgeon Meeting

Last week Dr. Sunil Bhoyrul met with other obesity experts from around the globe at the XVI World Congress of the International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity and Metabolic Disorders (IFSO) in Hamburg, Germany. (IFSO) is a federation made up of national associations of bariatric surgeons, currently consisting of 40 member associations. The organization connects leading bariatric surgeons with other healthcare professionals involved in treating morbid obesity, such as nurse practitioners, dieticians, nutritionists, psychologists, internists and anesthesiologists. More than 2500 obesity experts from around the world attended the XVI World Congress, which was the largest attendance in IFSO’s history.

Dr. Bhoyrul served as the chair of a banding revisional course at the Congress on September 1st, and presented his “band over bypass” video, which covered placing a gastric band over a failed bypass. Dr. Bhoyrul thought the conference was very interesting, and spoke about it for an article covering the event. He said he feels that we, in the United States, have important things to learn from the international experts there. He explained how “one of the French authors presented mathematical modeling to look at factors that influence the outcome from gastric banding – typical example of looking at things from a very different perspective.”

You can read further coverage on the Congress here.

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