How to Start a Weight Loss Journal

Weight loss journalKeeping a diary, or personal weight loss journal, is one of the best ways to track the physical and emotional changes you’ll experience before, and after bariatric surgery. Whether you’re considering having LAP-BAND, gastric bypass, or gastric sleeve surgery, writing down your thoughts and feeling can help you deal with this life-changing event.

Tracking your measurements in a journal or calendar can also help you recognize the progress you’ve made, and spot any issues or negative patterns that might be impacting your success.

Here’s some ideas about how you can start, and keep, your own weight loss journal:

Go Online

Thanks to the Internet, anyone can start their own online diary, also called a blog. If you are the kind of person who likes to share your thoughts and feelings, you might want to start your own personal weight loss blog, or share your story on a social media site like Facebook.

If you decide to post your personal weight loss diary online, be sure to take steps to protect your identity like only using your first name – don’t share your last name, or saying exactly where you live. Be prepared to get both positive and negative comments from readers if you allow them to post comments – online bullying is a common problem, and people who struggle with their weight are often targeted by ‘cyberbullies’.

An alternative to creating a public blog is a personal journal on a weight loss forum. These online communities tend to be safe places for people who want to share similar experiences, and you might even find yourself connecting with others who are having the same thoughts, feelings, and challenges as you are.

Write It Down

If you’d prefer to keep your weight loss journal private, an old-fashioned diary can be a great way to reflect on your goals, challenges, and future plans.

Treat yourself to a nice, hard-cover diary book – you can find these in most bookstores, office supply shops, and online. Schedule time each day to write in your diary, and be sure to look back over your entries every once in awhile.

Losing excess weight with the help of either a non-surgical weight loss program, bariatric surgery, or a combination of both requires a long-term commitment to lifestyle changes. Sometimes it can be hard to see positive changes, but by keeping track of your progress in a weight loss journal, you’ll be able to see the ‘big picture’ and recognize how far you’ve come since beginning your weight loss journey.

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