Easy Tips and Tricks for a Healthier Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving — and one of the biggest meals of the year — just a week away, it’s hard not to stress over what you should eat; especially after weight-loss surgery. Here are a few healthy Thanksgiving tips to keep your plate in check whether you’re a few months post-op or simply trying to keep it light this holiday season.

The 1-2-3 Recipe for a Balanced Meal

  1. ALWAYS eat all your protein first.
  2. Finish veggies or fruit next.
  3. End your meal with starches.

Filling the majority of your meal with protein helps ensure that you’ll get plenty of minerals and long-lasting energy. Ending with starches (whether savory or sweet) will keep you from filling up on empty carbs.

Fast Food Fixes

Turkey is the star of this holiday meal, but that doesn’t mean you have to serve the whole bird. Roasting or grilling turkey breasts will pack lots of flavor into the leanest cut of meat and slashes cooking time, too. Or, choose broiled salmon or even shaved prime rib for delicious, festive entrees that up your nutrient intake as well.

Now for the veggies. Green beans, mushrooms, peppers, greens, tomatoes and carrots are the usual non-starchy suspects; but healthy Thanksgiving veggies can also include beets, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, asparagus, leeks, and eggplant. These are some less-familiar options that are packed with flavors and pair well many delicious dishes.

Stress Less Solves

Bring a dish you’re comfortable eating. A fruit tray is an often overlooked treat that cuts through the heavy dinner dishes. And no, you won’t “look dumb” for showing up with a healthy dessert option.
Eat from a smaller salad plate to help reign in portions.
Skip the champagne – it’s carbonated just like soda and packs a similar quantity of sugar that could provoke Dumping Syndrome.
Take a walk after dinner. This not only gives you time to ramp up your metabolism but is also a great way to catch up with family members and break away from the tempting dessert table.
Try festive-flavored teas or coffee to give yourself a taste of the holidays without the empty calories from syrups and other sweetened beverages.

Remember: Thanksgiving is Just a Thursday

Don’t stress about stuffing it all in at once. You’ve been diligent about eating multiple small meals each day; so why would Thanksgiving be any different? There are always leftovers so you’ll have plenty of chances to sample the other dishes that didn’t make it to your plate the first time.

Keep these healthy Thanksgiving tips in mind and you’ll feel — and look — great the entire holiday season.

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