Gastric Balloon Safety Questions

You may have heard on the news that the FDA has opened an investigation into the safety of saline-filled gastric balloons, specifically ReShape and Orbera. 5 deaths have been linked to the balloons, and an additional 2 are being looked at. While all medical procedures have some element of risk, we look at these events very carefully so we can be sure to give our patients the best, and most up-to-date advice. Dr. Bhoyrul said, “The current FDA reports of the tragic deaths with gastric balloon’s highlights the critical importance of having your care delivered by expert and experienced bariatric surgeons. In addition we really don’t know about the safety and effectiveness of these balloons and therefore caution our patients about deciding on this type of treatment.”

While some people hope to get the gastric balloon procedure because they believe it’s safer than surgery, the minimally invasive bariatric procedures we offer are very safe. Please speak to us if you have questions about this news, or any of the weight loss options we offer.

You can read about the FDA’s investigation here.


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