Exercise plan – 1/5/1

Ever wondered why you were not getting the most of your exercise program.  I recently made some changes to my routine after working with a metabolic and fitness specialist.  I call it the 1/5/1 interval routine. Read more!

The point is, if you do a regular aerobic routine (like going for a walk, run, treadmill, exercise bike etc), you need to find a way of challenging your body so that you burn fat, get fitter, and fight your body’s natural tendency to adapt to any routine.  Many physical trainers advise us to “regularly change it up”, and Tony Hortons legendary P90X is based on his philosophy of “muscle confusion”.  The point is, doing the same routine all the time without challenging your body is unrewarding.

So, an easy way to challenge yourself during aerobic exercise, with the intention of “burning fat” is to introduce intervals into your routine.  There are many ways to do this – Im just telling you one that works for me.  To start with, you need to figure out a pace that you consider “easy” (level 1), “moderately hard” (level 2), and “challenging” (level 3).  If you have a heart rate monitor, and a physical trainer who can figure out your heart rate zones for “level 1, 2 & 3”, thats perfect.  If not, level 1 is the equivalent of a brisk walk, or exercising while you are able to easily hold a conversation.  Level 2 is the equivalent of a jog, or exercising so that you can talk but not sing.  Level 3 is where you feel you are exercising at 80% of your maximum capacity, a place you know you cannot sustain for more than a minute or two!  Now that you have that figured out, you should start off by developing a 7 minute cycle, and repeating it 5 times for a total of a 35minute exercise routine.  With each cycle, you will start at Level 1 (easy/walk) for 1 minute, then go to level 2 (moderate/jog) for 5 minutes, and finally level 3 (hard/run) for 1 minute.  Thats what I mean by a 1/5/1 cycle – repeat the whole things 5 times, and you should see results!

After a month, do 6 cycles of 1/8/1 – now each cycle lasts 10 minutes (easy for a minute, moderate for 8 minutes, and hard for a minute), and you repeat it 6 times for an hours routine.

Final piece of advice – stay well hydrated, know your limitations, and wear sensible clothing/shoes!!  Good luck

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