Eating Healthy While Traveling Over the Holidays

DrivethruHere are a few tips for bariatric surgery patients to eating healthy while traveling this holiday season.

As you travel on the journey of weight loss after bariatric surgery, you are embracing a change in lifestyle that you will be able to maintain indefinitely. Gone are the days of crash diets and extreme fitness fads. You have chosen a drastic measure in order to get control of your weight so that it will no longer control your life. You want to have a happy future in store for you, one in which you will be able to enjoy your life to the fullest and no longer be hindered by those excess pounds that have held you back for too long. As the holidays approach and you begin your travels to see loved ones, don’t sabotage your weight loss efforts. It is all too easy to fall into bad habits when you are on the road or at someone else’s home. Take a few tips to help you pave the way to eating healthy while traveling this holiday season.

1. Plan Ahead

You know that you’re going to be commuting this holiday season. Whether you are driving, flying, or taking a train, you can prepare yourself when it comes to eating. Pack healthy snacks that are easy to grab when you’re on the go. Bring a small cooler and fill it up with fresh vegetables, fruit, and nuts. Plot your journey and plan your stops. If you are going to eat while you are on the road, choose a restaurant that has a light menu. Save half of your meal to take with you. You’ll keep your calorie count down and have something for your next step.

2. Drink Plenty of Water

Water is your best friend. Not only does it keep you hydrated and flush your system, keeping your body working at optimal levels, you can also curb your appetite. Drink a glass of water before your meal, whether you are eating out or at someone’s home. You’ll feel full before you even start eating. Always ask for water with your meals. It will save you money in a restaurant. Most importantly, it will save you a major amount of calories. Choose to drink ice water and you will cause a drop in temperature that will prompt your metabolism to kick into gear, burning more calories in the end. Keep water at your bedside and bring bottled water on your travels. Have a sip any time you have the urge to snack.

3. Pay for Your Gas at the Pump

If you are driving, pay for your fuel at the pump. You’ll avoid a trip into a convenience store where you could fall to temptation with the impulse buys that are waiting for you. The last thing you want to do is start munching on chips or candy. You don’t need those empty calories.

4. Ask Your Friends and Family to Help You

You can’t expect everyone else to eat the same way that you have to, but you can ask your loved ones to be a part of your effort when eating healthy while traveling. When everyone is on the same team, they can help you to reach your weight loss goals. Request certain foods that you can eat or bring them with you, asking that everyone understand when you substitute your dish for some of the rich, holiday traditions that are loaded with fat and calories. You may even find that the people who care about you want to create an entire meal that suits your lifestyle. It won’t only be healthy for you. You’ll be promoting good eating habits for everyone.

5. Remember Portion Control

Bariatric surgery doesn’t mean that you have to give up every treat you ever loved. That simply isn’t realistic and you’re likely to fall off the diet wagon if you never indulge. When you do want to give your taste buds a treat, mind your portions. If you’re going to have some of all of your favorites, take a small spoonful of each. Use a saucer instead of a dinner plate. Only eat what will fit on the plate.

6. Break Your Day Up with Several, Small Meals

After bariatric surgery, you can no longer have large meals. You have got to keep your servings small to avoid digestive issues. Make sure your family and friends understand the reason that you are having small meals while everyone else is eating the three, larger meals that are the norm. You’ll keep your metabolism on track and avoid intense hunger that can make you binge.

7. Don’t Eat After 7 at Night

No matter where you are, whether you are still in the air, in the car, or at your parents’ house on the other side of the country, maintain a healthy habit when it comes to your cutoff for eating. You shouldn’t have anything to eat after seven at a night. It’s a rule of thumb that is easy to follow. Otherwise, you’ll be falling asleep with extra calories in your system and no way to work them off. You may also keep yourself awake, disrupting your sleep patterns. You need to get a good night’s rest on a regular basis to keep your body functioning properly. When you don’t sleep well, you slow down your metabolism.

Eating healthy while traveling isn’t as hard as it seems. You can follow these helpful tips throughout the year, regardless of what you’re doing. You’ll find that it is easy to stick with the program that has been recommended since you opted to have bariatric surgery. If you are dedicated to losing weight and keeping it off, you need to be conscious about what you put in your body at all times. Don’t let your guard drop during the holidays. You can sample some of your favorite temptations and still stay on track. Enjoy your time with your family and friends without destroying your efforts to manage your weight. You’ll feel good about yourself and be able to celebrate the season with those who matter most.

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