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Eating at Work After Bariatric Surgery

cookingFrom team lunches to happy hour drinks, food is often a central part of life in many offices. Teams from all industries make regular lunch meetings or breakfast runs a part of the work day. However, many bariatric surgery patients find themselves unable to participate due to their weight loss surgery diet. This can lead to a frustrating dynamic at work. Those in recovery can feel alienated and unwelcome at group events. Rather than letting your coworkers’ meals stand in your way, incorporate these weight loss surgery diet tips so that you can enjoy your time at work as much as possible.

Plan Ahead

Instead of allowing your department to choose lunch on a whim, do your best to plan ahead so that you’re ready for anything. This may mean bringing fruit and nutrition bars to work with you to stave off hunger. Maybe you can pack a backup lunch on days when you may feel obligated to consume food that’s not appropriate for your weight loss surgery diet. When you have alternatives available, it’s easier to stand up for yourself and your dietary restrictions.

Choose Diet-Friendly Destinations

If team breakfasts or lunches are a regular occurrence, see if you can take a leadership role in organizing your outings. Create a lunch calendar of diet-friendly restaurants, or network with caterers to increase availability post-surgery dietary options. This way you can guarantee your participation in all work events.

Do Your Research

A thorough understanding of your weight loss surgery diet options is a big part of dieting success. Instead of being blindsided by a menu you can’t navigate, do your best to be prepared in advance. Many restaurants post their menus online. Some chains even post ingredient and nutritional information as well. With a little foresight and planning, it’s possible to find a healthy meal almost anywhere.

Confide in Your Team

If you’re close with your manager, it’s time to speak up. Let your boss know about your weight loss journey and your successes. Explain the importance of your dietary choices and the requirements of your weight loss surgery diet. Let her know how much you’d like to participate in food-oriented events. Work with her to come up with compromises, like eating at more diet-friendly locations.

Depending on the specifics of your workplace, you can even share with other members of your team. They may be able to offer up alternative compromises for your benefit. Losing weight is an amazing accomplishment. You should never be embarrassed or hesitant to share what you’re going through.

Saying “thanks, but no thanks,” isn’t always easy. When you want to maintain a healthy weight loss surgery diet, planning ahead can keep your coworkers’ plans from disrupting your positive trajectory.

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