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Our care team with Olde Del Mar Surgical in San Diego, offers Smartlipo Triplex laser body sculpting, the most advanced laser-assisted lipolysis body contouring system available. This unique technology safely delivers the optimal blend of three laser wavelengths for better fat removal and enhanced tissue tightening.

Why Choose Olde Del Mar Surgical For Smartlipo Triplex Laser Body Sculpting?

It’s proven. Smartlipo is the #1 choice of physicians around the world. It’s less invasive. As a minimally invasive body shaping procedure, Smartlipo does not carry the risks and expense associated with more invasive surgery.

It’s safer. As the only laser body sculpting assisted lipolysis with intelligent delivery systems, Smartlipo is built with safety and consistency in mind. It’s effective. Smartlipo is supported by eight years of clinical studies.

It’s the most trusted. Smartlipo is the most widely accepted and clinically studied laser-assisted lipolysis system available today. With a 94% patient approval rate, it inspires total confidence.

How Does Smartlipo TriPlex Work?

At Olde Del Mar Surgical this laser-assisted lipolysis body sculpting procedure is performed using a small laser about the size of the tip of a pen, which is inserted under the skin. Treating excess fatty tissue, the laser delivers energy directly to the fat cells causing them to rupture. The liquefied fat is then gently suctioned out. New collagen is produced, resulting in tissue tightening. The three laser wave lengths contained in Smartlipo TriPlex allow your physician to customize laser body sculpting treatments based on the nature of your concerns.

What Are The Advantages Of Smartlipo TriPlex Over Conventional Liposuction Procedures?

First, both treatments remove fat, but unlike Smartlipo TriPlex, conventional liposuction can leave behind loose skin. Second, because local anesthetic is typically used with Smartlipo treatments (instead of general anesthesia), you’re awake during the procedure—that’s a real plus — leading to a faster, easier recovery. Smartlipo TriPlex can also create a high definition, sculpted look by defining waistlines in women and abdominal muscles in men (Six pack).

What Is The Recovery Period For Smartlipo TriPlex?

Smartlipo TriPlex laser body sculpting is a minimally invasive surgical procedure. Because the procedure uses a small (1mm) laser, there is less bleeding and swelling due to the hemostatic properties of the laser. The Smartlipo Triplex procedure usually requires only local anesthesia and as a result has a much quicker recovery period than conventional liposuction. Some light bruising can occur, but you’ll be able to return to normal activities within a day or two.

How Do I Know If Smartlipo Triplex Is Right For Me?

Our care team believes the best candidates for Smartlipo are women and men who are not significantly overweight, but have accumulated fat deposits—such as love handles, flabby upper arms, excess neck or facial fat or fat on the lower torso. A laser body sculpting consultation with a Smartlipo physician can provide you with the best information.

Smartlipo Triplex Treatment Areas
Chin (Submental area)
Jaw line (Mandibular border)
Upper Body

Arms, dorsal region
Lower/Upper abdomen, Etching
Hips, Flanks, Love Handles
Lower Body

Saddle Bags and thighs

To learn more about Smartlipo TriPlex laser body sculpting or to schedule a consultation with our care team, give us a call at 858.457.4917. We look forward to helping you achieve the sculpted body you desire.