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Mommy Makeover – Cosmetic Surgery Options For Post-Pregnancy Bodies

Stretch marks, swelling and weight gain are all unavoidable side-effects of pregnancy, leading many moms to seek out a ‘mommy makeover’ to deal with sagging skin, stretch marks, celulite deposits and other physical side-effects that linger after giving birth. While some of the physical changes that occur during pregnancy are temporary, many moms experience permanent…

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Smartlipo Triplex Can Complement Your Weight Loss Surgery

Adding liposuction after weight loss surgery can complement your efforts to sculpt your body and get rid of pesky fat deposits that are difficult to lose. If you’ve made the commitment to losing weight with bariatric surgery, adding an exercise program and adopting healthy eating habits, the pounds have steadily melted away until you look…

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Our Surgeons Offer Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Options

Advances in medical lasers and other technologies have made cosmetic surgery more precise, easy, and efficient than you may realize. If you’ve been troubled by stubborn pockets of cellulite or signs of aging in the your skin, you’ll want to know about the innovative products and methods offered by a company called Cynosure — and…

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