Bs and Ts – eating after bariatric surgery

Our dietitian Aparna sees all our patients as a mandatory part of any weight loss program. If you have any specific food questions she is a great resource.
Nevertheless, we recognize, over the years that certain foods are difficult after weight loss surgery, because the stomach pouch is so small, and conversely, its very important to maintain your nutritional goals. Most of our patients need at least 0.9g of protein for every kg of their ideal body weight. (So thats about 60-70g of protoen a day for most patients). A good rule is to eat your proteins first.
A simple rule is “avoid the Bs and eat the Ts“. Bread, Beef, Broccolli (I hope my mom reads this!) are either not good, difficult to chew or just likely to get stuck. Turkey, Tuna, Tofu are great sources of protein and well tolerated by most patients.

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