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The Top Three Medical Weight Loss Solutions Explained

Explaining medical weight loss procedures

Being overweight is an epidemic our nation is facing. More than two out of three adults in the United States are considered to be overweight or obese. If you have been having problems losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, then bariatric surgery could be an option for you.   Weight loss surgery could be…

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How Much Weight Can You Expect To Lose After Bariatric Surgery?

how much can you lose with weight loss surgery

Bariatric surgery has several objectives, which include reducing appetite and eliminating health risks related to excessive weight. However, most patients have one primary goal in mind: losing weight.   Average weight loss with bariatric surgery will vary from patient to patient, but most individuals who go through surgery will lose 100 pounds or more, normalizing…

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7 Tips To Find Support for Your Weight Loss Journey

tips for supporting weight loss surgery patients

There are many factors that contribute to an effective weight loss support system. Now that you’ve decided to move forward with bariatric surgery, it is important to complement it with wise eating habits, a solid exercise regime, and great sleep. Stress is an issue as well.   Many factors play a role in being successful…

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Setting Realistic Weight Loss Goals

setting realistic weight loss goals

If losing weight has been a lifelong struggle, you may get to the point when you are ready to throw in the towel. No matter how overwhelming the fight against those excess pounds is, you can’t give up.   When you take off the extra weight, not only will you feel better about your appearance,…

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The Importance of Bariatric Support Resources

Bariatric surgery support resources

Long-term weight loss success begins with bariatric surgery. Still, physicians and patients agree — it’s the support and resources available afterward that help you adjust to, and thrive in, your healthy new lifestyle. At Olde Del Mar Surgical, we’re committed to helping you achieve every one of your health goals. That’s why we offer various bariatric…

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